How does The Masters Champ train?

On Sunday, April 14th, 2024, Scottie Scheffler achieved a feat accomplished by very few: he clinched his second Masters Championship with a commanding performance at the 2024 Masters. His four-shot victory underscored the dominant streak Scheffler had been enjoying, with meticulous preparation standing out as a crucial element of his triumph.

In his quest to prime his body for the rigorous PGA Tour season, the two-time champion integrates the GOLFFOREVER fitness platform and the GolfForever Swing Trainer into his regimen. This approach has enabled Scheffler to enhance his power, stability, and mobility, attributing his success on the course to the groundwork laid in the gym. “Now I’m training myself in the gym on how to move properly on the course,” Scheffler remarked. “And, when I’m out there (over golf shots), I don’t have to think as much to swing the way I need to swing.”

Reflecting on Scheffler’s earlier days on the PGA Tour, his trainer noted, “When he first came onto the PGA Tour, nobody knew who Scottie Scheffler was. One of the things I noticed was that he wasn’t able to close the deal. One of the biggest issues was his endurance.”

By leveraging the training library provided by GolfForever, Scheffler managed to boost his body’s endurance levels, thus coping better with the demands of professional golf.

While emulating Scheffler’s prowess on the golf course is no guarantee, incorporating GolfForever into your routine can undoubtedly enhance endurance and performance. By addressing the physical demands inherent in competitive golf, individuals can improve their chances of achieving lower scores consistently, whether competing professionally or against personal bests.

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