New Practice Facilities at Ellesborough Golf Club

Upgrading your club’s practice facilities is a great way to improve the day to day experience of your members. With the traditional look and feel of Ellesborough Golf Club, the build team at Golf Swing Systems were approached with the task of building a timber framed practice net, capable of housing multiple members warm-ups at once.

Created by digging down 200mm and levelling off the earth we apply a weed control barrier to avoid any issues that could compromise the net. We then use Type 1 MOT to fill the foundation and vibrated this to compact it down, so it was hard. Another weed control barrier was put down and then 20mm of sharp sand is used to form the base of the net.

Using C63 Treated Timber logs and our archery baffle and netting, we were able to build a durable and attractive practice net with sloped floors for auto ball return. As this product is bespoke, there are very few restrictions on sizing, which means the golf club are able to fill an available space perfectly.

In the case of Ellesborough though, the build needed some extra thought. Due to its position on top of the Chiltern Escapement the net requires some kind of wind proofing, to protect from the constant breeze that whips across all 18 holes of this historic course. In order to achieve this we built a 3 meter tall wood panel fence, which completely eradicated the wind that would otherwise affect the practice experience.

To see a tour of this brand new net click here.

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