Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club

The Project

The completion of another extensive project has been announced as Shanklin & Sandown Golf Course reveals its newly constructed fitting and practice room. The endeavor involved the creation of an optimal fitting center and practice space, dedicated to enhancing the experience for members of this historic Isle of Wight golf course. The project entailed sending out a team of builders to the island, equipped with the task of setting up a comprehensive facility that includes a dual system Foresight Simulator, Wellputt Custom Carpet, and a high-definition projector and screen combination.

Wellputt Custom Carpet

The Wellputt Custom Carpet was chosen as the prime putting surface for the new facility. With a Stimp rating of 10, the carpet perfectly replicates the smoothness and speed of a British Green, closely mimicking the conditions of fast greens found in the UK. The addition of a custom logo and the highly popular Wellputt pace control drill on the black carpet renders the setup at Shanklin & Sandown truly distinctive. To ensure impeccable rolling performance, an extra layer of underlay is laid beneath the carpet. This layer serves as a “self-leveller,” as explained by the lead installer, Steve Gibson.

Foresight Dual System Simulator

One noteworthy inclusion is the Foresight Dual System Simulator, which offers a solution to the issue of accommodating both left-handed and right-handed players. By enabling the dual-monitor mode, two separate launch monitors can be activated on either side of the hitting surface. This innovation allows for a centralized hitting position, eliminating the need to reposition the system every time a player switches their dominant hand. The use of Foresight’s state-of-the-art FSX Play system grants access to an array of photo-realistic courses and an exceptional practice facility, complete with real-time feedback. The setup combines a GC3 and a GCQuad, providing comprehensive club and ball data for all players.

HD Projector and Screen

In terms of visual and audio enhancements, the project incorporated a high-definition projector and screen system. Opting for the VISTA HD Screen, known for its superior quality, ensured a crystal-clear ultra-high-definition display. The screen features bespoke finishing and a foam-padded surface, contributing to a cinematic experience. This setup was paired with a powerful 6200 lumens LCD projector and a 55-inch touch screen monitor. This comprehensive suite of high-definition components guarantees an unparalleled level of immersion during practice and play sessions, delivering an exceptional experience for the members of Shanklin & Sandown Golf Course.

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