The Golf Groove – Building the UK’s top TrackMan facility!

When we were approach by The Groove Golf to build a golf simulator centre, complete with 12 TrackMan Golf Bays, we were excited! Using 20 years of experience building golf simulators, Golf Swing Systems director Steve Joy, was able to craft the largest and most complete golf facility in the UK. Based in the very centre of London at Wimbledon Centre Court, this facility allows you socialise, practice and play golf on the market leading TrackMan software.

By liaising with the architectural team, we were able to ensure every simulator was built to perfectly house a golf simulator with no compromises on accuracy, playability or aesthetics. This process included extensive project management and design consultation, with each simulator built with its own stud walling and frame for both the leather cushioning and screen to be suspended within. This ensures each unit is self contained, meaning every simulator feels like its own practice space and is unaffected by others playing in adjoining bays.

Throughout the design process there was only one program that suited the needs of The Golf Groove, Trackman 4. With it’s industry leading user interface, TrackMan has become the premier choice for commercial installations due to it’s ease of use and amazing golf course simulation software. By choosing TrackMan the design was very important with lighting and visuals absolutely paramount to the success of each bay. The lighting in a TrackMan bay is especially important as the radar utilises an impact location light to display exactly where on the face each shot was struck.

The system seamlessly blends superior data accuracy, with an engaging and fun play experience, meaning everyone from elite level golfers to children will go away from their first visit to The Golf Groove with a smile on their face. With multiple golfing mini games available such as mini golf, capture the flag and magic pond all available on TrackMan you are able to play in the perfect way for you to enjoy your experience.

Another factor which makes TrackMan a great choice for commercial installations is the positioning that radar based units require. With the unit being placed 8-12 feet behind the golfer, the chances of damaging a TrackMan are almost zero. These chances are reduced even further when the units are housed in custom pedestals with protective Perspex boxes built in to avoid any errant shots hitting the unit.

To watch a video walkthrough of The Golf Groove, Click Here.

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