Building “invisible” golf simulators

What do you do if you want a golf simulator, but you lack the space or need to be able to hide the simulator away? Previously the best option would be to build an external building, or to develop an outdoor solution. Now though, at Golf Swing Systems we have a variety of options to build a stowable simulator. Whether you want the screen to retract into the ceiling, or for it to be hidden behind a folding wall, you can find your perfect solution below.

The Retractable Simulator Screen

When your simulator room has multiple uses, one of the best ways to stow the screen is with the touch of a button. By building our VISTA HD Screen onto a custom built rotating spool, you can achieve both a true HD Quality image when the screen is in use, and a discrete result when it is retracted.  How does this differ from alternative retractable screens on the market? This customisable option can be built to the exact size required for your room and has the same level of durability found in our static installed simulators.

The Foldaway Simulator Screen

If a retractable screen isn’t an option, for example if you have extremely high ceilings like in the example above, then the foldaway simulator may be the best option for a stowable screen. Built using a customised timber frame with recessed joints and a specially designed folding mechanism, this setup hides completely behind a new wall in your home! Once decorated this fold out golf simulator looks just like any other wall in the house, until you unveil your secret simulator.

If you are inspired by the potential for building an “invisible” golf simulator, please feel free to call us on 01483 266679 or alternatively fill in the contact for here.

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