Unused Space Transformed

When you have a golf mad family member, employee or friend, every unused space looks like a potential simulator. Sitting on the Isle of Jersey was one such unused space existed in a barn. With power readily available and an extremely level concrete floor, this project was firmly within the Golf Swing Systems wheelhouse.

The Launch Monitor

When SkyTrak released the brand new SkyTrak+, the golfing world took notice. The New SkyTrak+ launch monitor takes the original SkyTrak and makes all-new improvements to its core technology. By adding dual-doppler radar to the SkyTrak Machine Learning technology they are able to offer unmatched accuracy for the price.

What’s New:

  • Dual Doppler Radar for club data measurement
  • Improved Photometric Camera System for more accuracy
  • More courses around the world to take you on dream trips from the comfort of your home or business

The Enclosure

In a space like this, an enclosure style simulator is the easiest and most affordable option when building your simulator. In this case a 3.5m x 2.8m custom enclosure enabled us to leave the customer with a full screen, HD image on our brand new VISTA material. This ensures total emersion in your practice and total protection from any errant golf shots.

The Surface

One key thing to consider when building a simulator into a larger space like this is to ensure the sim looks like it is meant to be in the space rather than looking like an after thought. The best way to do this is by using our combination of Eagle Putting Turf and Tee Turf Hitting Mat to create the look and feel of a real fairway. This gives the simulator presence and build an even more immersive practice and play experience.

If you would like to look into building your own golf simulator please feel free to call us on 01483 266679 or fill in the contact for here.

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