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What golf simulator do pros use?

There is no denying that golf is one of the most difficult sports in the world and it requires hours upon hours of practice to ensure that you get the best from your abilities. One of the best ways for golfers to hone their skills is through a golf simulator that allows them to replicate some of the world’s best courses at home.

Golf simulators offer more than a simple virtual reproduction of a course, however, they also provide analysis and feedback which makes them an effective coaching method.

With options for drilling shots and learning distance control with your entire set of clubs, it’s easy to see why so many of the top pros are all aboard the simulator train. Let’s take a closer look at some of the golf simulators that the pros use.


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TrackMan might just be the most popular golf simulator with tour professionals, with hundreds of big names using the technology to better their games. Players like Justin Thomas, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson have all been known to use TrackMan simulator technology as part of their training regimes.

Not only is TrackMan a hit with pro golfers, but their launch monitors are also often spotted on the tee boxes at tour events for TV channels to track the ball movement and improve the analysis for viewers at home. TrackMan simulators are loaded with useful features like tracking club head and ball movement data to offer extensive feedback.

Ernest Sports

Ernest Sports ES16

Ernest Sports simulators and launch monitors have been helping golfers improve their performance for years. These simulators are not just used by tour professionals but feature extensively as training aids for coaches and club professionals.

The Ernest Sports simulator features Quad Doppler Radar and Dual Photometric Cameras in one launch monitor to offer precise ball and club data, from speed measurements to spin and direction. American golfer Ben Crane is known to be an advocate of the Ernest Sports golf simulator.


TruGolf’s range of simulators is perfect for golfers looking for something in the mid-range that still offers a high-quality golfing experience. With an array of features, these simulators are the perfect choice for pro shops up and down the country. TruGolf simulators provide functionality as well as portability for those who travel, making them a great choice for any golfer competing in tour competitions across the country or continent.

Full Swing

Some of the top names in golf are advocates of the Full Swing golf simulator. From Tiger Woods to Jordan Speith, big hitters are falling in love with the Full Swing golf simulator. Full Swing offers everything you would expect from a high-end golf simulator; high-speed cameras, HD display, high-quality hitting mat and more.

One of the unique features of Full Swing’s simulator system is its interactive putting green, which adapts to replicate thousands of potential putting situations. Given the importance of putting in golf, you must find a putting training aid that helps lower your scores.


SkyTrak’s launch monitor feature excels in indoor scenarios and provides highly accurate feedback for your golf shots. One of the most popular golf simulators, SkyTrak uses photometric capturing technology to provide feedback on carry distance, spin speed, ball direction, launch angle and total distance.

Given that there are over 29,000 members of the PGA, not all will have the budget to spend over £40,000 on their simulator equipment. SkyTrak provides a more affordable golf simulator experience but it doesn’t skimp on the quality feature it offers.

This is the simulator many coaches choose as it is highly accurate yet portable, to ensure you can bring high standards of coaching on the road. With game improvement plans and compatibility with multiple third-party solutions, SkyTrak makes for a great all-around training option.

Considering investing in a Golf Simulator?

Here at Golf Swing Systems, we specialise in a variety of practice aids to help you improve your scores on the course. We offer full-swing golf simulators that ensure you can develop every aspect of your game, while our golf simulator cabins help you to maximise the space in your home for golf. If you would like to know more about how golf simulators can transform your game, get in touch with an expert member of our team.

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