SkyTrak Full System Golf Simulator


This is the all in one SkyTrak Golf Simulator solution. Make your garage, spare room or garden cabin into the ultimate mancave.

With our knowledge of over 20 years in the Golf Industry we can help with all aspects of turning your room into your personal indoor golf course.

Give us the size of the room and we can create the golf enclosure to your size providing a safe great quality golf simulator enclosure.

Our knowledge of computers and projectors means you don’t have to spend hours getting the right specifications, We have it all in this one stop package.

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4M X 4M X 3M High Enclosure

This is an all in one package with everything you need for your SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator.

Whats Included:

SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Case 

A Home Golf Simulator Enclosure from 1M Deep x 2.7M High x 4M Wide to: 3M Deep x 3M High to 4.5M Wide with archery screen.

4M X 5M Artificial Putting Turf

2M X 2M Tee Turf Mat

High specification Gaming PC Icore 7 with a Nvidia RTX3010 Gaming graphics card 16GB Ram and 24″ Monitor.

5000 High Lumens Projector with Ceiling Mount, 10M HDMI and Power Cable

Golf Simulation Software Packages

Once you have your SkyTrak you can purchase the Golf Simulation software packs.

There are 3 to choose from:

TruGolf E6 Connect which has 15 courses and is a subscription package which starts at £259.00 per year or an all out purchase of £2149.00 for the 27 Course package.

The Golf Club Game 2019 software which has over 100000 courses and is a one time fee of £779.00

Creative Golf 3D  has over 100 courses and can be rented for £179.95 per year or bought for £491.95

ProTee Play is a selection of driving ranges and games based either on aircraft carriers, football stadiums, the arctic circle or a Zombie Graveyard.

Great fun for a yearly fee of £129.00 or an all out purchase of £349.00

You will also need to have the Game improvement subscription from SkyTrak which is £89.95 per year

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