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Where to mount a golf simulator projector?

The projector is an essential piece of equipment that ensures your golf simulator is as realistic and immersive as possible. Mount it in the wrong place and you won’t really feel like you’re on the course at all.

The key detail is to ensure your projector is the perfect distance from your screen – but what is that perfect distance? To discover the answer to this question we must assess the type of simulator system we have and where it is best mounted.

Golf simulator projector placement essentials

There are three things to consider when converting your indoor space into a virtual St. Andrews.

Projectors must be placed so that they:

  • Away from swinging clubs
  • Fill the screen of your simulator
  • Avoid shadows being cast by players and spectators

As such, there are two common places for simulator projectors to meet these needs: the floor and the ceiling. Golfers must also consider the type of projector they are using – short throw projectors can be placed much closer to the screen while those with a longer throw must be further away for a full picture.

Projector throw range

Disregarding any obstacles, to determine how far your projector should be from the screen it’s essential to comprehend its throw ratio. A throw ratio determines the throw distance to the horizontal image width.

To use a simple example, a projector with a throw ratio of 2 will need to be 2ft away from the screen for every 1ft of image width. A screen with a display width of 8ft would therefore need its projector to be 16ft away.

Different projectors have different throw ratios, so before you buy one you must understand how much space you have in your intended simulator area and which projector matches that.

Commonly, the further away from the screen you can mount a projector, the higher its resolution. However, some innovative short-throw projectors still provide a high-quality display despite a lack of space.

How high should a ceiling be for a golf simulator?

Typically, around 9ft is enough space for golfers to safely swing their clubs without hitting them on the ceiling or the projector. The benefit of using a ceiling-mounted simulator projector is the ability to vastly improve the quality of your display.

A ceiling mount for a projector is a great choice if you have a larger display screen, which allows for greater immersion. Short-throw projectors are useful for limited space but if you have the room, placing a projector further away from the screen offers better resolution and allows for a larger display.

Can you put your golf simulator projector on the floor?

Golf simulator set up in a garage

Floor-level projectors are a cost-effective way to install a golf simulator in your home. They are generally cheaper than ceiling-mounted projectors but commonly of a lower resolution than those projecting from above.

Floor-mounted simulator projectors must be placed in front of the golfer to ensure their shadow isn’t interfering with the display which puts them at risk of being hit by the balls. As such, a protective case is essential but it can still get in the way when retrieving your balls.

As they are closer to the screen, floor-mounted simulator projectors are normally short-throw or ultra-short-throw.

Finding the perfect golf simulator with Golf Swing

If you are looking to perfect your golf game with a simulator then we at Golf Swing Systems are perfectly placed to find the right solution for your needs. From the latest and best launch monitors and simulators to bespoke simulator cabins, we install a variety of training aids to help you master your swing. Get in touch with an expert member of our team today or browse our online store for innovative indoor golfing solutions.

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