Colin Montgomery Accessory Bag with Practice Balls & Tees


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The 32 Practice Balls Pack includes a bumper pack of 12 foam golf balls for indoor use, and 20 neighbourhood-friendly plastic air-flow balls for use outside.

With their limited weight and reduced flight, the balls are perfect for practice and play at home or in the garden for juniors and adults alike, without risking breakages or loss.



– Bumper practice ball pack in mesh bag with Velcro sealed pockets
– 20 white plastic airflow balls for practice outdoors
– 12 yellow foam balls, perfect for practice indoors
– Reduced flight prevents balls flying out of bounds into neighbours’ gardens
– Reduced weight prevent breakages

The balls come packed in a reusable mesh bag with Velcro-sealed pockets that allows for tidy and safe storage.

With 32 balls, you can spend longer practicing your technique with them and less time stopping to collect them.

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