Multi-Function Swing Practice Aid


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The Multi-Function Swing Practice Aid addresses many of the common areas that golfers, from beginners all the way up to Tour professionals, strive to correct during their golf practice and warm up sessions.

  • Accurate posture
  • Correct your lead arm positioning
  • Works on your golf swing muscle memory
  • Achieve proper and correct backswing
  • Achieve correct downswing
  • Nurtures a correct golf club grip



What are the benefits of practicing with the Multi-Function Swing Practice Aid?

  • Achieve proper body rotation in your golf swing
  • Achieve proper shoulder turn
  • Maintain good swing posture
  • Achieve accurate angle and distance
  • Produce consistent golf shots
  • Create a more powerful golf swing

Folds up for ease of storage.




90 Degree Swing Mode

  • Fully open shoulders
  • Training for lower back strength
  • Shoulder rehab exercises and stretches

50 Degree Full Swing

  • Achieve a smooth, full backswing, downswing and ‘turn in one’ swing


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