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The I-Gotcha Ready is a great training & warm up product which can be easily attached to any golf club.

Hit the ball longer and straighter with the warm up system trusted by over 200 tour professionals

  • Ultimate first tee warm-up system
  • Works with any club in your bag
  • Simple three step process to help establish a smooth tempo and powerful release

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The I-Gotcha Ready is a great training & warm up product which can be easily attached to any golf club. Position just below the grip for teaching power release and short game practice, or position it toward the head and you have an ideal weighted club for warm up. When fixed centrally on the shaft it is perfect for training tempo.

The IGotcha Ready One-Minute Warm-Up System is the first warm up system designed to prepare you for the first tee. The three-step process starts with helping establish a smooth tempo and powerful release, while effectively increasing flexibility and warming up the golf muscles.

It is like hitting a bucket of range balls and takes only a minute, while building distance and flexibility. The tour players love it because it replaces their 3kg warm up club they have been used to using, and at only 230g (blue version), fits easily in the bag.

The IGotcha Ready is a three-step process:

First step, twist and lock the IGotcha Ready in the centre of the shaft. A few swings establishes great tempo, which is the first key to a great swing.

Second step, attach it under the grip to practice your power release.

Third step, attach it at the hosel, and the weight stretches all of the major golf muscles adding the flexibility you normally don’t feel until the back nine. It is a great new tool every golfer should use before every round, even if it is only to stretch properly and prevent injury

Now available in red with a weight of 170g for under 100mph.


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