Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor


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Mevo by FlightScope is a series of 3D doppler radar launch monitors suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, designed to help studious golfers improve their game.

This cutting-edge golf radar boasts a range of helpful features packed into an easily portable device; a great way for golfers of all abilities to get a more detailed look at their swing and hone in on specific areas for improvement.

Mevo stands for Measure your numbers, Evaluate your game, Visualise your improvement, Optimise your performance, and its array of great functionalities will help you accomplish all four with ease. Just order the device, download FlightScope’s free Mevo app, and you’ll be ready to start improving your game like  a pro!






Mevo Mobile Apps

Our free mobile apps give you the ability to take your game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo radar. The Mevo is available with the FlightScope Mevo Golf app.






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