Smart2Move 1D Force Plates


The Smart2Move Dual Force Plates instantly diagnose a player’s maximum potential so they can achieve instant and long term club head speed increases.

The most advanced & accurate portable product to measure ground reaction forces.

With iOS app for iPad. Full software and hardware description below.

* iPad not included



Software Specification

Stance iconFoot flare and stance width
Lateral iconLateral weight distribution
Pressure iconCentre of pressure
Pressure line iconLine of pressure
Vertical force iconVertical force
Keys iconKey position markers
Report mode iconReport mode

And more: High Speed Video + Biofeedback Live Mode + Impact Auto Detection + Multilingual + Multi-user + Players Data Bank

Easy To Use

The Smart2Move Force Plates app has been developed for iPad, intuitive, easy to use with understandable data.

Hardware Specification

    • iOS App: iPad Pro, Air 2, mini 4
    • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.1 technology
    • Video Camera: Device camera (iPad)
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion battery up to 6 days
  • Weight: 5kg / 2,2lbs total weight
  • Portable: Indoor and outdoor use
  • Sampling Rate: 120Hz/120fps
  • Covering: Artificial turf/carpet


The S2M 1D Dual Force Plates integrates TrackMan Data

With the combination of the most accurate technology of golf industry, you can corelate the causes, ground reaction forces measured by the force plates, and the consequences on club data and ball flight data measured with the launch monitor.

What They Say

What They Say

“Without the use of the Smart2Move Force Plates, there is no way I would be able to tell how the lower body is moving improperly. The portability and the dependability of Smart2Move Force Plates is what separate them from the rest”
Mike Adams (2016 PGA Teacher of the Year/World Golf Hall of Fame Teacher)

“Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to test my golfers — both physically and technically — on the Smart2Move Force Plates. Having been involved with golf for more than 20 years, and studying everything I can about the science of the body/swing connection, I can honestly say that, at their price point, the Smart2Move Force Plates are the best value on the market”
Ben Shear (PGA Tour Trainer/Golf Digest Fitness Advisor)

“I want my students to understand that force creates motion. And if there is something off in their golf swing, then there is something off in the way they are putting force into the ground. So Smart2Move Force Plates is an easy way for them to get feedback.”
EA Tischler (Top 100 Golf Magazine Best Teachers)

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