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The Wedge Trainer uses instant feedback to build you a more consistent and repeatable short game. Suitable for all golfers the Wedge Trainer is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes to suit both Right and Left handed golfers.

“On pitch shots the No. 1 skill is controlling distance. If you work that back, the key to distance control is making predictable contact with the ball. A common reason for poor contact in pitching is too much wrist hinge during the backswing”.

“Steve Stricker is the best practitioner of this style. He keeps his wrists firm going back and turns his body in sync with his arms. Then, coming through, everything turns together again. It’s very solid, very repeatable”.

Butch Harmon

Ordering the correct Wedge Trainer

For sizing, measure the circumference 4 inches above the wrist. Right Handed players will require a RH Wedge Trainer, LH is for left handed golfers. Please follow the sizing guide below in the select wrist size options. If you are between sizes, please opt for the larger option.

Suitable for standard and midsize grips only.

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