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Add more power to your game and boost your driving distance by up to 25 yards by working on your swing for just minutes a day – it’s that easy!

The Sure-Set trains you to simply ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded backswing position with great swing width, on the right plane, with superb alignments.

Sure-Set is a supremely effective golf training aid for anyone wanting to improve their game.

Trusted by hundreds of tour professionals around the world, just a few repetitions a day can lead to lasting change.

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What is Sure-Set?

Sure-Set helps establish a better understanding of the golf swing.  The backswing is one of the most important elements of your game.  Master this move and you will load and store more power, ready to unleash it through the golf ball.  You will hit straight shots with effortless distance.

Key points Sure-Set will improve

  • Correct forearm rotation and the 9-inch journey of the left shoulder as you coil against a solid lower half.
  • The skill of hinging your wrists correctly in the backswing.
  • And most importantly…the correct kinematic sequence to your swing – how to initiate the uncoiling of the body from the ground up.
  • The Sure-Set is fitted with a golf training grip to help set your hands in the correct position at address.  It works as a fantastic warm up device before you tee off, getting your swing sequence correct.
  • It improves your range of movement without having to spend hours stretching and it acts as a constant reminder of how a good backswing should feel.

‘The perfect way of increasing your opportunity to practice little and often.’

Invented by one of the world’s leading coaches UK PGA professional Dan Frost.  The Sure-Set golf training aid is designed to make the backswing move very easy.  It trains you how to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane, with the right angles.

Sure-Set inventor Dan Frost explains the concept…..

The Sure-Set started life through an idea I had to help a recurring swing fault.  The first one I made was fashioned from wood and bound together using materials from my local DIY store!  After building a few and seeing amazing results, I soon had people asking if they could have one. I designed it to help establish a better understanding of the golf swing and improve the desired swing consistency.

It allows you to learn through feel, installs a new improved simple swing sensation, that is easy to repeat and transfers seamlessly to the course.  When you master this move you will load and store more power, on plane, hitting effortless, accurate golf shots leading to more enjoyment and lower scores.

Sure-Set Ambassador – Jack Singh Brar

Sure-Set-Golf Practice Aid

Jack has been coached by Sure-Set inventor Dan Frost for the past four years and has worked extensively with the Sure-Set in this time.

A former England amateur superstar and top points scorer for the GB&I Walker Cup team, he gained his European Tour card for 2019 at the climax of an exceptional debut professional season with 2 wins and 8 top fifteen finishes!

Jack has been coached by Sure-Set inventor Dan Frost for the past four years. Look out for him working with the Sure-Set on the range in 2020.

Haydn Reay Tour Professional at Golf Swing Systems demo’s Sure-Set

Sure Set Golf Training Aid




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