Trident Align Tri-Roll Golf Balls



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Tri-Roll training golf balls offer a simple but effective way to gain feedback on the quality of your stroke mechanics. The golf balls feature a printed Trident Align stencil marking for convenient and repetitive usage.

In order for the ball to stay on its intended line, it is important to strike the putt with a square face to target line and from the centre of the putter face.

Putts struck from the centre of the putter face with the correct putter face aim at impact will result in the two-tone ball roll smoothly end over end. Putts struck from the heel or toe of the putter, or with an open or closed putter face will result in the ball appearing to wobble from side- to-side.

The Tri-Roll ball can also be used to monitor launch conditions and the balls interaction with the putting surface by tuning the ball 90* and using a camera phone to film in slow motion.

*The Tri-Roll balls are designed to work in partnership with the rest of the Trident Range!

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