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Three things every golfer can do to improve their game

Are you looking to get better out on the course? Improvement can be a slow process in golf, so it is important that you put in the time and find ways to grow as a player. Not everyone has easy access to a course and even fewer have the time to have lessons. But there are some things that anyone can do to up their game. Here are three things that every golfer can do to improve their performance.

1 – Strengthen your core

An aspect of the game that many golfers overlook is their fitness. Golf is, after all, a sport and the professionals keep themselves in good shape for tournaments. If you are lacking fitness it can mean that your game is inconsistent and it can even mean you will struggle to perform shots correctly. It is definitely worth putting in the time to strengthen your core with exercises. Taking yoga classes and pilates sessions can be a great way to do this.

Another option is the fantastic Orange Whip Swing Trainer, which has the dual benefit of strengthening the core while you improve your swing.

2 – Get some putting practice in

Putting is an aspect of your game that you can work on almost anywhere, so it is surprising that it is also sometimes an area where golfers clearly haven’t put in the time. There really is no excuse to lack precision with your putting. Even if you can’t get out to the course due to poor weather you can do it from your home. Putting mats are easily accessible and you simply need to put in the time to get the benefits.

Unless you are truly the perfect putter it is worth investing in practice aids and spending some time on your short game. There is nothing worse than doing all the hard work only to mess up a hole with poor putting performance.

3 – Work on your mental game

There’s no doubt that some golfers could benefit from working on the mental side of your game. For example, ask yourself: do you find yourself planning ahead before you even tee off? It can be a real mistake with golf to get too far ahead of yourself. If you are putting preparation into future shots you aren’t focussing on the task at hand.

Other golfers may find that they get dejected after a few bad shots and this tends to affect them throughout the rest of the course. It is important that you should treat each shot individually. Don’t worry about what has happened before or plan on future holes. Just play the shot.

Three practice aids every golfer will love

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your own game or you are trying to find the perfect gift for a golfer in your life, practice aids can be a fantastic choice. Every golfer, from complete beginners to highly experienced players, would love to get better and practice aids are a brilliant way to help with this.

But with such a huge range of aids available on the market, how do you choose what will be right for you or (even harder) someone else? The truth is that this can be a very personal thing and choosing the right practice aid will differ from person to person, however there are some options that are always well received. Here are three great ideas for practice aids that every golfer will love.

1 – Alignment Pro

Alignment Pro Product Image

The brainchild of former professional golfer Matt Baird, the Alignment Pro is a tool for improving your alignment. There are plenty of alignment practice aids out there, but this is the first 3D alignment tool – it is hinged which means there is a much broader array of practice options. In fact you can use the Alignment Pro for more than 50 drills.

This is an important part of a golfer’s game that can often be overlooked, yet it can make a huge difference to the handicap.

2 – Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting laser blog featured image

The Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser is an aid for putting. This is a skill that every golfer could stand to improve and this could be the ideal product to do so. The laser is attached to the putter and provides you with a visual indicator as to the path that your ball will follow. Put in plenty of practice with the laser and you will find that you will naturally build up your feel for putting.

One of the best aspects of the Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser is the strength of the light. Some laser guides look great indoors but are very difficult to see outside. This product works perfectly even in bright sunlight.

3 – Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Orange Whip Swing Trainer Practice Aid Practice Image

Simultaneously providing you with a great workout tool and a way to work on your swing, the Orange Whip Swing Trainer mimics the shape and feel of a golf club to help you work on the weaknesses of your swing. This is a tool that you can use anywhere that you have the room to swing it, so it is even possible to be working on your game from the comfort of your home.

Golf Alignment Tools - Alignment Pro

Tools to perfect your alignment on the golf course

Following Patrick Reed’s success taking his first major title at the Masters 2018, many golfers will have been inspired to get out on the course to work on their game. And with the weather beginning to warm up and the sunshine coming out for the spring, now is the perfect time to begin tuning up your game to get ready for the rounds.

One of the most critical aspects of golf is undoubtedly alignment, but is something that can be somewhat overlooked by amateur players. Most golfers understand that it is important to line yourself up correctly with your target, but it is still common to see even experienced players with problems with their alignment.

You need to stand, aim and target the correct part of the course, be it the flag or another area of the course – for example when avoiding obstacles. But many players develop bad habits with their alignment, usually to attempt to overcome weaknesses in their game. For example, if a player has a tendency to slice their shot they may change their alignment so the shot ends up in the correct place. But this is a bad idea, and it is much better to eliminate the flaw from your game (as this will only be made worse with poor alignment).

Thankfully there are multiple products available that can help you to correct any faults in your alignment – even those that are very minor – which can ultimately have a fantastic effect on your overall game. So if you are looking to improve one a fundamental aspects of your game, this can be a great way to do so.

Callaway Alignment Sticks not only help you to visualise and perfect the proper alignment, they also train you for the correct swing path on your shots. The sticks can be used in multiple ways to provide you with help with your posture and positioning, with multiple configurations available.

You might also be interested in the Alignment Pro. This is a multifunctional alignment aid and known as the first 3D alignment tool, offering a broader variety of exercises and training methods that aren’t always possible with traditional alignment sticks.

No matter which tool you are using, this is a very important aspect of your game that can pay real dividends out on the course.

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting laser blog featured image

How can practice aids improve your game on the course?

Many golfers assume that the only way to improve their game is to visit the course more often, but it’s also true that you can work on your game easily away from your club – you just need the right practice aids. There is a very broad variety of aids available allowing you to train virtually any aspect of your game.

But which ones will help you get the most out of your practice time at home? Whether you are looking to drive the ball with greater consistency or you just need to up your putting game, there is a practice aid to suit you. Here are three fantastic items that will make a big difference to your game on the course.

Callaway Alignment Sticks

Sometimes it is the simplest practice aids that make the biggest difference to your overall game. The Callaway Alignment Sticks can be set up in multiple configurations and allow you to work on the alignment of your shot. Effectively the sticks provide you with a guide to train your correct swing path, which can be a crucial element to hitting higher quality shots out on the course.

Whether driving or chipping, having a more consistent swing path and shot alignment will reduce your handicap. And alignment is something that you can work on without a ball anywhere with enough space to swing a club.

SKLZ Putt Gate

SKLZ Putt Gate

If you are looking to get in practice away from the course that will pay dividends on your game, one of the easiest skills to develop is that of putting. Putting can be an afterthought for some golfers who believe that their short game requires the least practice as it is they are simplest and shortest shots to play.

But bad putting can really let you down on the course if you are able to finish properly, so it’s worth investing in a practice aid like the SKLZ Putt Gate. This gate allows you to learn to putt consistently, reinforcing a square club face and a stroke that hits the sweet spot. But most importantly, it develops your muscle memory.

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser

Of course if you want to really develop your putting there are plenty of different options for practice aids to choose from. Another great one is the Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser which works by giving you a fantastic visual guide as to where the ball will end up after the strike. Getting used to the right line that you need to use is essential.

When you get out on the course the next time without your laser, you will hold a naturally better understand of where the ball will go after the putt. You will find that it makes a real difference especially if you put in the practice time at home.

Tomi Putting

How to improve your putting at home

There’s no excuse for poor performance when putting on the course – putting is one of the shots that is easiest to practice at home. So if you want to get better at putting for your next time out on the green, here are some things that you can do to improve at home.

Utilise the Arc to Arc 5

The Arc to Arc 5 Motion Putting Board is a training aid that makes it easy for you to develop a more consistent putting stroke. Following the line of the board, practicing using the Arc to Arc 5 ensures that you gain a more symmetrical motion as you follow the guide from your backswing to the finish. This allows you to get a feel for how your putting motion should be, stressing the importance of focussing your movements before and after the shot.

Put in the time practicing with the Arc to Arc 5 and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your putting on the course. Purely through changing the mechanics of your shot, you can be far more effective.

Learn to better judge the distance of the putt

When people come to work on their putting game they typically spend hours practicing shots to get a better feel. There’s no doubt that this is a very useful thing to do, but it’s worth pointing out that there is something else you need to consider first. You might not realise, but one of the most common mistakes made when putting happens before you actually take the shot.

The fact is that we tend to trust our eyes even though they often deceive us somewhat. It’s usually the case that our depth perception isn’t as brilliant as we assume, so we misjudge the distance of the putt. Whether we under- or over-estimate the distance it can completely ruin a shot.

To correct the problem there are a few things you can do. The first is to establish whether you typically imagine a putt is shorter or longer than it really is. Practice simple putts and keep track of whether you tend to over and under hit the shots. This will help you establish your natural tendency and put you in a position to correct it. Additionally, it can be useful instead of simply looking at the shot, to walk the distance to give yourself a proper understanding.

Welling Putt Mat

If you are serious about improving your putting at home, it’s definitely worth investing in a Welling putting mat. These intelligently designed mats give you the chance to train and develop your putting skills with a great visual representation of what you need to do. Working on a Welling mat can improve everything from your alignment and touch to speed and consistency on your shots.

Visualise a clock on the hole

Another tip that can make a difference to your putting is that of visualising. What you are looking for from your putting is accuracy, and the kind of accuracy that goes a step further than simply potting the ball. To understand your improvements you need to ensure that your shots are entering the hole exactly where they should.

Learn to visualise a clock face over the top of the hole. Now think about exactly where the ball is going to enter the hole if you perform the shot perfectly. When you hit the shot you can see whether the ball does what you want it to. Then even if you get the ball in the hole, you’ll know whether your putting is getting better.

GC Quad Garage Installation for a private client in Crewe.

Our client had purchased a Foresight Sports GCQuad and was looking for golf simulator enclosure in his double garage in Crewe.

We came up and showed some of our previous installations and made a suggestion of the Home Golf Simulator enclosure and screen.

We manufacture these to the size required. Together with artificial putting turf and our renowned Tee Turf mat we installed the enclosure, turf and mat in a few hours.

Because this has a low ceiling we specified a projector with 4000 lumins for brightness and a side horizontal keystone.

If you notice the projector is offset to the screen. This means there is no shadow for the right handed golf on the screen.

Size of the enclosure was 2.5M High x 2.8M Wide x 1M Deep.

Trackman at Sunningdale Heath

New Custom Fit and Coaching Academy at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club for Kristian Baker PGA

Kristian came to Golf Swing Systems after seeing our work at Callaway Golf’s fitting center at Chessington.

Wanting to setup his own fitting and coaching studio at Sunnindale Heath Golf Club we helped Kristian setup his studio with the right measurements, lighting and power requirements.

Wanting this to be a pristine academy Kristian opted for leather cushions for the side wall and ceiling protection.












For the launch monitor Trackman was used. This also enables video to be used with Trackman and putting.


Contact details for Kristian Baker are on his website www.kristianbaker.com 


Snow covered golf course

Don’t forget the driving range over the winter

Many golfers feel that their game begins to slip away from them over the winter. The colder weather naturally makes it harder to get out onto the course or to practice your game – this leads to a loss of form for many players and it can take them a long time before to return to their previous level when they do eventually head back to the course in the warmer months. Of course it is true that on some days it is simply too cold or the weather is too poor for you to go outside, but that doesn’t mean that you should write off the whole of the winter.

Remember that while it might not be practical to play on the course very often, the vast majority of driving ranges will be open and you easily get out to practice your long game. Getting down to the driving range every so often can be hugely beneficial, ensuring that your form doesn’t drop off too much and you continue to work on your game.

Naturally the smartest thing to do is check the weather carefully and take the opportunity to get out there whenever possible. There are still plenty of days of the winter that are perfectly suitable for driving, so if you see a chance, go for it.

Clubs understand that the winter isn’t the most popular time for the driving range but many offer heated stalls and other helpful features that you can take advantage of. If the weather is cold but the air is relatively still and there’s little chance of rain, there’s no reason why you can’t put on warm clothes and spend some time on the range.

If you need that little extra motivation to get out on the driving range this winter there are plenty of gadgets that you can you use to help you work on your game. Use an ES12 Launch Monitor to track your shots to help you understand more about the areas that you need to improve. This is a highly accurate device that measures the speed, accuracy and distance of your shot, and can even offer you advice for which club to use and more.

Alternatively, you can practice using the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap. This device helps you to perfect your swing, allowing you to hit straighter and longer every time. Simply lay it in front of your tee and it acts as a guide for your swing so that you learn to hit with the correct form. When you take the Speed Trap away, your form remains consistent and strong.

Spending time on the driving ranges with these tools will really play dividends when the spring rolls around and you can get back on out on the course. Don’t be put off by the bad weather – you will thank yourself for putting in the time.

Golfer and Optishot Golf Simulator

Christmas golf gifts to suit every budget

With Christmas coming up, now is the time that many people begin to look for gifts for their loved ones. And if you’re searching for something to give to the golfer in your life, we have a fantastic range of options to suit just about any budget. From stocking fillers to an extra special gift that they will never forget, buying through a golf specialist like Golf Swing Systems ensures that you are getting a high quality product that any golfer will love.

If you’re interested in a buying a gift but you’re not too sure what would you should get, our team would be happy to help. Get in contact with us to talk through the kind of the thing you are looking for and we can provide you with advice and guidance. Alternatively, we picked out three fantastic options that we think would make an unbelievable gift for your loved one.

Laser Putt

Price: £99.99

If the person you are buying the gift for is looking to work on their short game you can opt for a Laser Putt. This is a putting aid that uses three laser systems to help any golfer improve their putting. The green laser system helps them to work on and master alignment, providing insight into the shape and balance of the ideal stroke. The red laser system helps a golfer to understand how their backstroke affects the distance of the putt. Finally, the blue laser system allows them to visualise the shot to make it easier to play it on the course.

The Laser Putt is used by everyone from complete beginners to experienced professionals looking to master putting. And available at an affordable price, this makes it a great choice for any golfer.

ES14 Portable Launch Monitor

Price: £389


Serious golfers can benefit enormously from the ES14 Portable Launch Monitor. This is a tool that captures a huge amount of important information on the swing of a golf club to help any golfer learn and develop their game. Utilised by professional golf teachers and club fitters, this is a superb piece of technical equipment that comes with the added benefit of being extremely simple to use.

The monitor tracks data including ball speed, back spin, launch angle, distance and much more, immediately relaying the data to an app on your smartphone for analysis. Data is automatically saved so it can be studied at any time, and you can see how your game has improved over time.


Price: £4,999

Naturally one of the most frustrating things for golfers over the winter is the bad weather keeping them away from the course. The Optishot2 gives you the chance to give them the chance to play without having to brave the cold and the rain. This is a state-of-the-art golf simulator that amazingly replicates the experience of golfing but from the comfort of your own home.

The simulator can be set up in any room where you have enough space to swing a golf club, and while this is certainly on the very expensive end of the scale of Christmas gifts, we guarantee that it will appreciated enormously.