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Golf simulator set up in a garage

How to get the golf experience at home

Playing golf at the course is a lot of fun. But for many golfers, it is not always possible to get there to play regularly. Thankfully, however, there are plenty of ways that you can have the golf experience at home.

A practice mat for perfect putting

If you want to enjoy golf at home as well as getting some practice in for your next time on the course, a putting mat is a great place to start. With highly realistic artificial turf, you can work on your putting skills to help ensure that your short game up to scratch in your next round. This a part of many golfers’ games that they love to work on, so the chance to do it at home makes it a fantastic choice.

A chipping net to work on skills

The true joy of golf comes in mastering many different shots. One that is often neglected is the chip. Learning to chip more effectively can make a huge difference to your overall game, and the best part is that it can easily be done at home by making use of a chipping net. These practice aids are inexpensive and can be used anywhere in your home. Practicing chipping can be a great way to relieve stress and have fun with some time to yourself.

A practice net for driving

A sturdy outdoor practice net can be a great way to bring the golf course to your home. A strong net gives you the opportunity to train on a variety of different shots. You no longer need to go to the driving range to get practice in on power shots. You only need to have a garden with enough space in fit in the net along with a range mat.

A golf simulator for the true experience

If you are looking for the closest possible experience to golf that you can have at home then it is time to invest in a golf simulator. You might be surprised how easily you can have a genuinely life-like simulator installed in your home. You simply need a room with enough room to swing a golf club along with a couple of metres of space.

How does Putting Work on a Golf Simulator?

We get asked this question every day at Golf Swing Systems so I thought I’d write a blog on this subject.

Putting with all the simulators is off the teemat you are hitting from. This is because mot sensors are looking at that position for ball strike and its easier to put the ball in that position rather than move the sensor. One of the best mats we have found to do this is the Tee Turf mat as the surface is very tight and the ball on the SkyTrak system is being measured for the first 14″ of ball roll.

This can be used with any launch monitor.

A lot of people who have used a simulator before have found putting hard work to do and often blame the equipment, however I find that when people putt on a simulator they are not reading the data that is being given at all or misrepresenting the data.

For example if there is a 20ft putt and the ball is only 10ft away from the screen you have to imagine a 20ft put, not a 10 ft one.

If there is a uphill lie of say 2″ you then have to imagine a 25″ rather than a 20″ one and if there is a left to right break then this has to be taken into account for the target line aim as well.

Below is a video showing putting on the Golf Club Game Software using SkyTrak with an explanation of the data.


4 in 1 Ch4 in 1 Chipping Net Product Imageipping Net Product Image

Four amazing golf fitness aids

Physical fitness is an important aspect of your golf game – but it is also underrated. Many casual players don’t take their fitness seriously and this can lead to weaknesses and flaws in their play. This can be easily corrected with the use of fitness aids and devices designed for golf. Here are four that can help you improve your golfing fitness.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Orange Whip

Perhaps the best form of golfing fitness aid is one that serves a purpose other than purely getting in shape. A great example of this is the Orange Whip Swing Trainer. The primary function of the Orange Whip is to help a golfer to work on their swing as it replicates the feel of swinging any club that you own.

But the Orange Whip also functions as a fantastic fitness device. Using the Whip provides a workout for the core muscles – this will help to ensure that your swing is more consistent and powerful, leading to improvements on the course.

Trainer Ball

SKLZ golf trainer ball - self-guided stability ball image

If you are purely interested in a tool that is used for improving golfing fitness, the Trainer Ball is a great choice. The ball is pumped up and then can be used for 16 different exercises designed by personal trainers. This is a durable product that will withstand a lot of use, so if you want to get to work on your fitness for a prolonged period of time it can be very beneficial.

The exercises are designed to improve your core strength as well as your flexibility, and instructions for how to perform the exercises are printed on the ball.

SKLZ Trainer Mat

SKLZ Trainer Mat Product Image

Another golf fitness tool that be enormously valuable is the SKLZ Trainer Mat. With a total of 24 exercises with clear instructions printed onto the mat, golfers can use it as a tool in their pre- and post-round routine, as well as a general fitness aid throughout the year.

One of the biggest advantages of the Trainer Mat is that it helps to reduce the risk of injuries and builds the muscles useful in attaining a powerful swing.

4 in 1 Chipping Net

4 in 1 Chipping Net Product Image

A Chipping Net is not necessarily seen as a fitness aid but many golfers will see a lot of benefit from using one. It’s not just the case that using the net on a regular basis can help to work on their chipping skills, but the fact that it allows you to get active and work those golfing muscles on a day-to-day basis ensures long-term fitness gains.

Shot Scope V2 Golf Watch

Do you need a golf laser distance finder?

If you are serious about improving as a golfer there are many different tools that you can utilise to help you to achieve your goals. But overall, you will see the most benefit by choosing technology that will work on the consistency of your game. This is why it can be a very wise investment to purchase a laser distance finder. Let’s look at the kind of distance finders there are available and what they can do for you.

What is a laser distance finder?

Rangefinders have become increasingly used by golfers in order to get a good idea of the distance to a specific target – often the flag. They measure the distance of the target from the position of the observer using a GPS satellite system in that same way as a car satnav does.

Understanding the distance can help you to hit a shot more accurately and to develop a stronger feel for the kind of technique and power you need to use in order to play effectively.

Do you need one?

A distance finder can be an absolutely vital practice tool. While it is usually the case that GPS distance finders are not allowed to be used in any kind of competition, they can be extremely valuable while you are getting your practice in.

There are many different kinds of finders available and they can serve a variety of purposes so there will almost certainly be something that could benefit you. Many systems have in-built tracking facilities, allowing you to monitor your own performance on the course.

The benefits of a laser distance finder

There are many reasons that you might be interested in using a rangefinder or GPS system and they are available in varying degrees of sophistication. Here are some of the benefits of using one out on the course.

  • You will no longer be estimating distances, and you can play with precision
  • Gain insight into how far you hit each ball – this can be a vital element of working on your game
  • As you improve over time you can easily track your progress
  • You can understand more easily which club you need to use for each shot
  • It can help you to develop a more consistent game
  • As a result of these factors your overall game will improve and you will reduce your handicap

Options to consider

There are a number of different GPS systems available, and choosing the right one for you will come down to your needs and requirements. An innovation in wearable technology means that GPS watches are now available for less than £150. Alternatively, you can choose an upgraded version such as the Shot Scope V2 which will automatically track your performance. This makes it easy to use and enjoy the benefits of your laser distance finder.

Golf club and ball closeup

Three things every golfer can do to improve their game

Are you looking to get better out on the course? Improvement can be a slow process in golf, so it is important that you put in the time and find ways to grow as a player. Not everyone has easy access to a course and even fewer have the time to have lessons. But there are some things that anyone can do to up their game. Here are three things that every golfer can do to improve their performance.

1 – Strengthen your core

An aspect of the game that many golfers overlook is their fitness. Golf is, after all, a sport and the professionals keep themselves in good shape for tournaments. If you are lacking fitness it can mean that your game is inconsistent and it can even mean you will struggle to perform shots correctly. It is definitely worth putting in the time to strengthen your core with exercises. Taking yoga classes and pilates sessions can be a great way to do this.

Another option is the fantastic Orange Whip Swing Trainer, which has the dual benefit of strengthening the core while you improve your swing.

2 – Get some putting practice in

Putting is an aspect of your game that you can work on almost anywhere, so it is surprising that it is also sometimes an area where golfers clearly haven’t put in the time. There really is no excuse to lack precision with your putting. Even if you can’t get out to the course due to poor weather you can do it from your home. Putting mats are easily accessible and you simply need to put in the time to get the benefits.

Unless you are truly the perfect putter it is worth investing in practice aids and spending some time on your short game. There is nothing worse than doing all the hard work only to mess up a hole with poor putting performance.

3 – Work on your mental game

There’s no doubt that some golfers could benefit from working on the mental side of your game. For example, ask yourself: do you find yourself planning ahead before you even tee off? It can be a real mistake with golf to get too far ahead of yourself. If you are putting preparation into future shots you aren’t focussing on the task at hand.

Other golfers may find that they get dejected after a few bad shots and this tends to affect them throughout the rest of the course. It is important that you should treat each shot individually. Don’t worry about what has happened before or plan on future holes. Just play the shot.

Three practice aids every golfer will love

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your own game or you are trying to find the perfect gift for a golfer in your life, practice aids can be a fantastic choice. Every golfer, from complete beginners to highly experienced players, would love to get better and practice aids are a brilliant way to help with this.

But with such a huge range of aids available on the market, how do you choose what will be right for you or (even harder) someone else? The truth is that this can be a very personal thing and choosing the right practice aid will differ from person to person, however there are some options that are always well received. Here are three great ideas for practice aids that every golfer will love.

1 – Alignment Pro

Alignment Pro Product Image

The brainchild of former professional golfer Matt Baird, the Alignment Pro is a tool for improving your alignment. There are plenty of alignment practice aids out there, but this is the first 3D alignment tool – it is hinged which means there is a much broader array of practice options. In fact you can use the Alignment Pro for more than 50 drills.

This is an important part of a golfer’s game that can often be overlooked, yet it can make a huge difference to the handicap.

2 – Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting laser blog featured image

The Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser is an aid for putting. This is a skill that every golfer could stand to improve and this could be the ideal product to do so. The laser is attached to the putter and provides you with a visual indicator as to the path that your ball will follow. Put in plenty of practice with the laser and you will find that you will naturally build up your feel for putting.

One of the best aspects of the Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser is the strength of the light. Some laser guides look great indoors but are very difficult to see outside. This product works perfectly even in bright sunlight.

3 – Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Orange Whip Swing Trainer Practice Aid Practice Image

Simultaneously providing you with a great workout tool and a way to work on your swing, the Orange Whip Swing Trainer mimics the shape and feel of a golf club to help you work on the weaknesses of your swing. This is a tool that you can use anywhere that you have the room to swing it, so it is even possible to be working on your game from the comfort of your home.

Golf Alignment Tools - Alignment Pro

Tools to perfect your alignment on the golf course

Following Patrick Reed’s success taking his first major title at the Masters 2018, many golfers will have been inspired to get out on the course to work on their game. And with the weather beginning to warm up and the sunshine coming out for the spring, now is the perfect time to begin tuning up your game to get ready for the rounds.

One of the most critical aspects of golf is undoubtedly alignment, but is something that can be somewhat overlooked by amateur players. Most golfers understand that it is important to line yourself up correctly with your target, but it is still common to see even experienced players with problems with their alignment.

You need to stand, aim and target the correct part of the course, be it the flag or another area of the course – for example when avoiding obstacles. But many players develop bad habits with their alignment, usually to attempt to overcome weaknesses in their game. For example, if a player has a tendency to slice their shot they may change their alignment so the shot ends up in the correct place. But this is a bad idea, and it is much better to eliminate the flaw from your game (as this will only be made worse with poor alignment).

Thankfully there are multiple products available that can help you to correct any faults in your alignment – even those that are very minor – which can ultimately have a fantastic effect on your overall game. So if you are looking to improve one a fundamental aspects of your game, this can be a great way to do so.

Callaway Alignment Sticks not only help you to visualise and perfect the proper alignment, they also train you for the correct swing path on your shots. The sticks can be used in multiple ways to provide you with help with your posture and positioning, with multiple configurations available.

You might also be interested in the Alignment Pro. This is a multifunctional alignment aid and known as the first 3D alignment tool, offering a broader variety of exercises and training methods that aren’t always possible with traditional alignment sticks.

No matter which tool you are using, this is a very important aspect of your game that can pay real dividends out on the course.

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting laser blog featured image

How can practice aids improve your game on the course?

Many golfers assume that the only way to improve their game is to visit the course more often, but it’s also true that you can work on your game easily away from your club – you just need the right practice aids. There is a very broad variety of aids available allowing you to train virtually any aspect of your game.

But which ones will help you get the most out of your practice time at home? Whether you are looking to drive the ball with greater consistency or you just need to up your putting game, there is a practice aid to suit you. Here are three fantastic items that will make a big difference to your game on the course.

Callaway Alignment Sticks

Sometimes it is the simplest practice aids that make the biggest difference to your overall game. The Callaway Alignment Sticks can be set up in multiple configurations and allow you to work on the alignment of your shot. Effectively the sticks provide you with a guide to train your correct swing path, which can be a crucial element to hitting higher quality shots out on the course.

Whether driving or chipping, having a more consistent swing path and shot alignment will reduce your handicap. And alignment is something that you can work on without a ball anywhere with enough space to swing a club.

SKLZ Putt Gate

SKLZ Putt Gate

If you are looking to get in practice away from the course that will pay dividends on your game, one of the easiest skills to develop is that of putting. Putting can be an afterthought for some golfers who believe that their short game requires the least practice as it is they are simplest and shortest shots to play.

But bad putting can really let you down on the course if you are able to finish properly, so it’s worth investing in a practice aid like the SKLZ Putt Gate. This gate allows you to learn to putt consistently, reinforcing a square club face and a stroke that hits the sweet spot. But most importantly, it develops your muscle memory.

Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser

Of course if you want to really develop your putting there are plenty of different options for practice aids to choose from. Another great one is the Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser which works by giving you a fantastic visual guide as to where the ball will end up after the strike. Getting used to the right line that you need to use is essential.

When you get out on the course the next time without your laser, you will hold a naturally better understand of where the ball will go after the putt. You will find that it makes a real difference especially if you put in the practice time at home.

Tomi Putting

How to improve your putting at home

There’s no excuse for poor performance when putting on the course – putting is one of the shots that is easiest to practice at home. So if you want to get better at putting for your next time out on the green, here are some things that you can do to improve at home.

Utilise the Arc to Arc 5

The Arc to Arc 5 Motion Putting Board is a training aid that makes it easy for you to develop a more consistent putting stroke. Following the line of the board, practicing using the Arc to Arc 5 ensures that you gain a more symmetrical motion as you follow the guide from your backswing to the finish. This allows you to get a feel for how your putting motion should be, stressing the importance of focussing your movements before and after the shot.

Put in the time practicing with the Arc to Arc 5 and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your putting on the course. Purely through changing the mechanics of your shot, you can be far more effective.

Learn to better judge the distance of the putt

When people come to work on their putting game they typically spend hours practicing shots to get a better feel. There’s no doubt that this is a very useful thing to do, but it’s worth pointing out that there is something else you need to consider first. You might not realise, but one of the most common mistakes made when putting happens before you actually take the shot.

The fact is that we tend to trust our eyes even though they often deceive us somewhat. It’s usually the case that our depth perception isn’t as brilliant as we assume, so we misjudge the distance of the putt. Whether we under- or over-estimate the distance it can completely ruin a shot.

To correct the problem there are a few things you can do. The first is to establish whether you typically imagine a putt is shorter or longer than it really is. Practice simple putts and keep track of whether you tend to over and under hit the shots. This will help you establish your natural tendency and put you in a position to correct it. Additionally, it can be useful instead of simply looking at the shot, to walk the distance to give yourself a proper understanding.

Welling Putt Mat

If you are serious about improving your putting at home, it’s definitely worth investing in a Welling putting mat. These intelligently designed mats give you the chance to train and develop your putting skills with a great visual representation of what you need to do. Working on a Welling mat can improve everything from your alignment and touch to speed and consistency on your shots.

Visualise a clock on the hole

Another tip that can make a difference to your putting is that of visualising. What you are looking for from your putting is accuracy, and the kind of accuracy that goes a step further than simply potting the ball. To understand your improvements you need to ensure that your shots are entering the hole exactly where they should.

Learn to visualise a clock face over the top of the hole. Now think about exactly where the ball is going to enter the hole if you perform the shot perfectly. When you hit the shot you can see whether the ball does what you want it to. Then even if you get the ball in the hole, you’ll know whether your putting is getting better.