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Tomi Putting

How to improve your putting at home

There’s no excuse for poor performance when putting on the course – putting is one of the shots that is easiest to practice at home. So if you want to get better at putting for your next time out on the green, here are some things that you can do to improve at home.

Utilise the Arc to Arc 5

The Arc to Arc 5 Motion Putting Board is a training aid that makes it easy for you to develop a more consistent putting stroke. Following the line of the board, practicing using the Arc to Arc 5 ensures that you gain a more symmetrical motion as you follow the guide from your backswing to the finish. This allows you to get a feel for how your putting motion should be, stressing the importance of focussing your movements before and after the shot.

Put in the time practicing with the Arc to Arc 5 and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your putting on the course. Purely through changing the mechanics of your shot, you can be far more effective.

Learn to better judge the distance of the putt

When people come to work on their putting game they typically spend hours practicing shots to get a better feel. There’s no doubt that this is a very useful thing to do, but it’s worth pointing out that there is something else you need to consider first. You might not realise, but one of the most common mistakes made when putting happens before you actually take the shot.

The fact is that we tend to trust our eyes even though they often deceive us somewhat. It’s usually the case that our depth perception isn’t as brilliant as we assume, so we misjudge the distance of the putt. Whether we under- or over-estimate the distance it can completely ruin a shot.

To correct the problem there are a few things you can do. The first is to establish whether you typically imagine a putt is shorter or longer than it really is. Practice simple putts and keep track of whether you tend to over and under hit the shots. This will help you establish your natural tendency and put you in a position to correct it. Additionally, it can be useful instead of simply looking at the shot, to walk the distance to give yourself a proper understanding.

Welling Putt Mat

If you are serious about improving your putting at home, it’s definitely worth investing in a Welling putting mat. These intelligently designed mats give you the chance to train and develop your putting skills with a great visual representation of what you need to do. Working on a Welling mat can improve everything from your alignment and touch to speed and consistency on your shots.

Visualise a clock on the hole

Another tip that can make a difference to your putting is that of visualising. What you are looking for from your putting is accuracy, and the kind of accuracy that goes a step further than simply potting the ball. To understand your improvements you need to ensure that your shots are entering the hole exactly where they should.

Learn to visualise a clock face over the top of the hole. Now think about exactly where the ball is going to enter the hole if you perform the shot perfectly. When you hit the shot you can see whether the ball does what you want it to. Then even if you get the ball in the hole, you’ll know whether your putting is getting better.

GC Quad Garage Installation for a private client in Crewe.

Our client had purchased a Foresight Sports GCQuad and was looking for golf simulator enclosure in his double garage in Crewe.

We came up and showed some of our previous installations and made a suggestion of the Home Golf Simulator enclosure and screen.

We manufacture these to the size required. Together with artificial putting turf and our renowned Tee Turf mat we installed the enclosure, turf and mat in a few hours.

Because this has a low ceiling we specified a projector with 4000 lumins for brightness and a side horizontal keystone.

If you notice the projector is offset to the screen. This means there is no shadow for the right handed golf on the screen.

Size of the enclosure was 2.5M High x 2.8M Wide x 1M Deep.

Trackman at Sunningdale Heath

New Custom Fit and Coaching Academy at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club for Kristian Baker PGA

Kristian came to Golf Swing Systems after seeing our work at Callaway Golf’s fitting center at Chessington.

Wanting to setup his own fitting and coaching studio at Sunnindale Heath Golf Club we helped Kristian setup his studio with the right measurements, lighting and power requirements.

Wanting this to be a pristine academy Kristian opted for leather cushions for the side wall and ceiling protection.












For the launch monitor Trackman was used. This also enables video to be used with Trackman and putting.


Contact details for Kristian Baker are on his website www.kristianbaker.com 


Snow covered golf course

Don’t forget the driving range over the winter

Many golfers feel that their game begins to slip away from them over the winter. The colder weather naturally makes it harder to get out onto the course or to practice your game – this leads to a loss of form for many players and it can take them a long time before to return to their previous level when they do eventually head back to the course in the warmer months. Of course it is true that on some days it is simply too cold or the weather is too poor for you to go outside, but that doesn’t mean that you should write off the whole of the winter.

Remember that while it might not be practical to play on the course very often, the vast majority of driving ranges will be open and you easily get out to practice your long game. Getting down to the driving range every so often can be hugely beneficial, ensuring that your form doesn’t drop off too much and you continue to work on your game.

Naturally the smartest thing to do is check the weather carefully and take the opportunity to get out there whenever possible. There are still plenty of days of the winter that are perfectly suitable for driving, so if you see a chance, go for it.

Clubs understand that the winter isn’t the most popular time for the driving range but many offer heated stalls and other helpful features that you can take advantage of. If the weather is cold but the air is relatively still and there’s little chance of rain, there’s no reason why you can’t put on warm clothes and spend some time on the range.

If you need that little extra motivation to get out on the driving range this winter there are plenty of gadgets that you can you use to help you work on your game. Use an ES12 Launch Monitor to track your shots to help you understand more about the areas that you need to improve. This is a highly accurate device that measures the speed, accuracy and distance of your shot, and can even offer you advice for which club to use and more.

Alternatively, you can practice using the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap. This device helps you to perfect your swing, allowing you to hit straighter and longer every time. Simply lay it in front of your tee and it acts as a guide for your swing so that you learn to hit with the correct form. When you take the Speed Trap away, your form remains consistent and strong.

Spending time on the driving ranges with these tools will really play dividends when the spring rolls around and you can get back on out on the course. Don’t be put off by the bad weather – you will thank yourself for putting in the time.

Golfer and Optishot Golf Simulator

Christmas golf gifts to suit every budget

With Christmas coming up, now is the time that many people begin to look for gifts for their loved ones. And if you’re searching for something to give to the golfer in your life, we have a fantastic range of options to suit just about any budget. From stocking fillers to an extra special gift that they will never forget, buying through a golf specialist like Golf Swing Systems ensures that you are getting a high quality product that any golfer will love.

If you’re interested in a buying a gift but you’re not too sure what would you should get, our team would be happy to help. Get in contact with us to talk through the kind of the thing you are looking for and we can provide you with advice and guidance. Alternatively, we picked out three fantastic options that we think would make an unbelievable gift for your loved one.

Laser Putt

Price: £99.99

If the person you are buying the gift for is looking to work on their short game you can opt for a Laser Putt. This is a putting aid that uses three laser systems to help any golfer improve their putting. The green laser system helps them to work on and master alignment, providing insight into the shape and balance of the ideal stroke. The red laser system helps a golfer to understand how their backstroke affects the distance of the putt. Finally, the blue laser system allows them to visualise the shot to make it easier to play it on the course.

The Laser Putt is used by everyone from complete beginners to experienced professionals looking to master putting. And available at an affordable price, this makes it a great choice for any golfer.

ES14 Portable Launch Monitor

Price: £389


Serious golfers can benefit enormously from the ES14 Portable Launch Monitor. This is a tool that captures a huge amount of important information on the swing of a golf club to help any golfer learn and develop their game. Utilised by professional golf teachers and club fitters, this is a superb piece of technical equipment that comes with the added benefit of being extremely simple to use.

The monitor tracks data including ball speed, back spin, launch angle, distance and much more, immediately relaying the data to an app on your smartphone for analysis. Data is automatically saved so it can be studied at any time, and you can see how your game has improved over time.


Price: £4,999

Naturally one of the most frustrating things for golfers over the winter is the bad weather keeping them away from the course. The Optishot2 gives you the chance to give them the chance to play without having to brave the cold and the rain. This is a state-of-the-art golf simulator that amazingly replicates the experience of golfing but from the comfort of your own home.

The simulator can be set up in any room where you have enough space to swing a golf club, and while this is certainly on the very expensive end of the scale of Christmas gifts, we guarantee that it will appreciated enormously.

Golf Simulator

Don’t get rusty over winter

Winter is almost upon us and that means something unfortunate for golfers – unpleasant weather will undoubtedly keep them away from the course. It’s not surprising to learn that most golfers feel that their game diminishes over the winter simply due to the fact that they can’t get out and practice as often as they would like.

But don’t let that be your excuse; there are plenty of golfing training aids and practice equipment that can be used in the comfort of your own home without having to brave the winter air. Whether you’re looking for practice aids to help you maintain your game while the weather is cold or you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for the golfer in your life, here is our guide to some of the best products available.

Chipping net

Chipping Net

Why not spend some time working on these little forgotten skills? One simple way to do this is to buy a chipping net. These can be set up and used indoors – just make sure they are tucked away from anything valuable to ensure that errant golf balls can’t break something. There is a large range of models available and it’s worth choosing one that has a number of different targets to aim at. This will allow you to develop your skills.

Putting mat

Putt N Hazard Putting Mat

Thanks to innovative new products, there’s no excuse to get out of practice with putting over the winter. You can buy putting practice mats that can be used in the house and allow you to work on your short game. It’s worth remembering that putting can be extremely therapeutic after a long day too, so not only is this something that would make a fantastic Christmas gift, they are also a golf practice aid that can be used all year round.

Orange Whip

Orange Whip

It is all well and good working on the functional aspects of your game with putting and chipping aids, but a major problem for golfers is finding that they have regressed in terms of their swing. Thankfully there are products that make it easy to stay sharp over the winter. One of the most popular is called the Orange Whip which has been designed with a counterweighting system so that it mimics the feel of a natural golf swing.

Available in a range of sizes, the Whip is perfect for everyone from beginners to very experienced players and it can be used anywhere that there is enough space to swing it.

Golf simulator

Golf Simulator

Finally, if you’re really serious about maintaining your game over the winter, then maybe it is time to invest in a golf simulator. It was once the case that the expense of a simulator was such that only golf clubs and the super-rich could realistically afford to have one. But advances in technically have brought simulators for down in price significantly. If you have a decent sized room in your house with enough space to swing a club, this can be easily converted.

Trackman TruGolf E6 Simulator

Trackman Tru Golf E6 Installation for Private Client in Surrey

Our Client contacted us after seeing our work via the website. Living out of the UK for long periods of time, our client gave instructions to look at his house in Surrey and the look at the possibility of installing a golf simulator in the basement of the house.

Seeing the room I suggested the Trackman simulator for our client as outdoor usage was also important. The house itself suggested that quality was essential so a timber framed, carpeted enclosure was offered.

The room was over 7M deep and that was more than enough for the Trackman 4. We installed TruGolf E6 for the simulation package as well.


Golf Simulator Cabin

Pyecombe Golf Club’s New SkyTrak Golf Cabin.

Mike Ovett, PGA Professional at Pyecombe Golf Club and Hassocks Golf Club asked Golf Swing Systems to come in and look at a possible space for a new coaching studio at Pyecombe Golf Club.

Having previously worked for Mike before installing his studio at Hassocks Golf Club we were the the first point of call. After meeting with the committee and Mike and getting a feel for what budget was available we offered a cabin construction 6M Deep x 5M Wide x 3.5M High at the front dropping to 3M at the back. This sit on a concrete base 150mm thick which the green keepers put down.


We then worked with the golf clubs electrician to advise on where power and lighting should be installed. When the Cabin was ready we then installed our enclosure and screen system, with artificial putting turf, Tee Turf Mat and the SkyTrak Golf Simulator.

Full details on how to create and Golf Simulator room are here https://www.golfswingsystems.co.uk/golfsimulatoradvice/ 

You can download a copy of the plans of the cabin here https://www.golfswingsystems.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/SkyTrak-Cabin-Full-Sytem-with-TGC.ppt.pdf 





Snow covered golf course

How to improve your golf game over the winter

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, the winter can be a challenging time. Many golfers fall out of practice over the colder months as the weather doesn’t allow them to get out onto the course as often as they do over the spring and summer. This can undo a lot of the good work you have put in to raise your game over the year and you are left back where you started.

So this year, make sure you use the months off for constructive golf training. Here are some great ways to up your game when you can’t make it out onto the course.

Get putting

One of the things that almost anyone can do indoors is to work on their putting game. You can buy extremely realistic indoor putting greens that allow you to get a true simulation of putting on the course, except that they can be used anywhere in your home. Available in a full range of styles and sizes to fit every budget and every property, you’ll be able to work on your short game. It’s also worth noting that you can also use your putting green in the garden, so when the weather improves you’ll still get plenty of time with it.

Practice your swing

Another aspect of your game that is easy to develop in your home is your swing. One of the major problems for golfers is their swing lacks consistency. If you need to work on the mechanics and timing, this is something that can easily be achieved with an Orange Whip swing trainer. You only need to have the room in your home to swing the whip and you will be able to develop a more natural swing motion.

Become a student of the game

While you might not be able to get out and actually play as often as you would like, you can use the cold and wet weather months for other purposes. Take this opportunity to develop your technical and theoretical knowledge of golf. Read training manuals and books written by pros or make some time to watch more golf on TV. Becoming a student of the game can actually teach you a lot about what you are doing wrong – when you return to the course you can take what you have learned and apply it.

Work out

Another very valuable use of your time during the winter is to work on the physical aspects of your game. Many golfers overlook their own physical condition, but it plays a huge part in your ability to hit shots correctly in terms of strength, flexibility and stamina. Firstly, then, it’s worth spending more time in the gym and working both on cardio and weights machines. Additionally, it can be a good idea to look into sessions such as yoga or Pilates which can help to improve your flexibility.

Invest in a golf simulator

Another worthwhile option is to invest in an indoor golf simulator for your home. Doing so can certainly be an expense, but it has never been easier to have a simulator created to match your budget. You don’t even need as much space as you might imagine – if you can swing a club in a room, there is almost always enough space to install a simulator.

Garden Putting Greens

How to build your own putting green

Almost every golfer would love to have their own putting green, but many assume it’s something that can only be achieved if you’re very rich. Actually, the truth is as long as you have a garden with a decent amount of free space, you can create an amazing putting green easily and relatively cheaply. Let’s take a look at how you can build your very own putting green.

Real or artificial

The first choice you’re going to have to make is whether you’re going to have a putting green with either artificial or real grass. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option and the choice you make will generally fall to personal preference and the requirements of your garden.

• Real – a real putting green can be preferable if you’re looking for the most accurate representation of a green on a golf course. However, they require a serious amount of maintenance and upkeep, and they can go wrong if you don’t have experience in building and looking after one.
• Artificial – modern artificial putting greens have improved enormously and now provide a fantastic recreation of genuine grass greens. While the initial cost of buying the artificial green is much larger than real grass, there is a lot less ongoing maintenance. Equally, an artificial green can be placed in almost any garden, where as real grass usually requires favourable conditions.

If you do opt for an artificial putting green make sure you choose a high quality model, and you can have it installed in your home in an afternoon. It is quick and it easy, and it is definitely recommended if you are building your first ever home putting green.

However, if you choose real grass, you’ve got a real project on your hands and you’ll need to follow a step-by-step guide to get it right. Here’s how to build a real grass putting green.

Step 1: Choose a location

The first thing to do is to choose a good location for your green. Natural grass needs an open area that gets a good amount of sunlight. Also if your garden has any lower areas or dips, these are best avoided due to challenges surrounding drainage.

Step 2: Get the soil ready

Your next step is to get your soil ready. Take a look at the current soil in your garden – ideally you are looking for a sandy loam soil, but grass can grow in many types if soil. If the soil contains too much clay, however, this could be a problem. Remove any turf from the planned green location and rake away rocks and other debris.

Step 3: Add drainage

It’s a good idea to add drainage to your green. Dig trenches that run from the edge of your green through the middle. The trench should slop downward away from the green to carry away any excess water.

Step 4: Separate the green

Next, it’s a good idea to separate your green from the rest of your garden. This can stop weeds from growing in the green. The best way to do this is use a plastic lining.

artificial putting green for your home

Step 5: Place the hole

Now you need to add the putting hole. Cut out a hole that this slightly larger than a golf ball. You don’t need to add a cup or anything else just yet, this simply acts as a guide to the layout of the putting green. The rest of the work can be done later.

Step 6: Plant your seeds

Now the soil is ready, you can plant your grass seed. It’s a good idea to mix the seed with a little sand to give it some cover. This could be very important if you get a lot of birds on your property.

Step 7: Fertilise, water, mow, repeat

Now comes the labour-intensive part of the putting green creation process. You’ll need to fertilise and then water your grass. It should take around 10 days for the grass to germinate, although you’ll still need to fertilise and water regularly after that. Once the grass has sprouted you’ll need to start mowing. This should be done between three and four times per week.

Step 8: Finishing touches

Finally, you can add your putting cup and a flag. Now your putting is green is ready and you can start enjoying it.