GSS Buyer’s Guide – Find the perfect launch monitor for you

Looking to step up your practice with a launch monitor? It can be a daunting prospect to try and make your choice, with multiple systems available for a huge range of budgets! Team GSS are here to help with our Launch Monitor Buyers Guide. Below you will find a guide to the best on the market, best on a budget, best all rounder and best newcomer! If you are left with any further questions then come on in to try out all our best sellers at our Cranleigh demo room.

Best on the market

Trackman 4 – From £18,294.00

Trackman 4 launch monitor

Over 1000 Tour Pros have developed their talents with the help of Trackman. It is the gold standard of launch monitoring. Utilising a unique combination of two radars instead of one, Trackman monitors all of your ball data, club head data and can even be used as a putting simulator. Taking a deep dive into your golf swing has never been easier with Trackman’s ability to link with phone, tablets and laptops. You can grab your data at the press of a button.

The top choice for club fitters, Trackman stands apart with its impact location technology, eliminating the need for tracking dots. T4 generates easier, more accurate data for the pros and amateurs alike. With the Trackman 4 you also get a thinner, lighter and faster unit, with minimalism and perfection as its driving force.

Best All-Rounder

Flightscope Mevo+ Personal Launch Monitor with The Pro Package – From £2,799.00

Mevo+ Launch Monitor + Pro Package

Mevo+ is Flightscope’s fully functional version of their personal launch monitor. A brilliant tool for dedicated golfers looking to take their game forwards, the Mevo+ (Pro Package) offers a solution to both indoor and outdoor practice, with 27 measurable parameters. The Mevo+ is suitable for use whether you are in your home, at the range or on the course. With it’s  patented Fusion Tracking technology, you can get detailed analysis of your swing from a super portable lightweight package.

One of the true strengths of the Mevo+ comes in its price tag combined with its functionality. At £2,799.00 it is a fraction of the price of its competitors but still provides accurate club face and club path data. The level of tracking offered by Mevo+ when paired with the Pro package is normally what comes at a premium in other units, establishing the Flightscope Mevo+ (With Pro Package) as a truly all-round option.

Best On A Budget

SkyTrak – From £1,894.95

Sky Trak Launch Monitor

The first personal launch monitor of its kind, SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your PC or IPAD and accurately captures and displays launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot. The strongest aspect of the SkyTrak offering is its price. Coming in at £1,894.95 it is a much more affordable practice solution when compared with even its closest competitors.

By utilising photometric launch monitoring, SkyTrak can capture extremely accurate ball data including ball speed, launch angle and direction to provide a clear picture of how well you have struck a shot (Or how badly!). In addition SkyTrak boasts some of the best software options in any golf simulator including the massively popular TGC2019. SkyTrak offers a complete package at a budget friendly price.

Best Newcomer

Garmin Approach R10 – From £529 

Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor

The Garmin Approach R10 is a new point of view when it comes to portable launch monitors. Optimised for mobile interface systems, the Garmin Approach R10 is designed to be truly portable and long lasting when away from a plug socket. Achieving up to 10 hours of battery life you can train, longer, harder and with more data than before. Although it is not quite as accurate as other radar based launch monitors the R10 comes in at a truly outstanding price of £529.00!

Whilst you are paying less you still get a whole heap of data, with the R10 measuring both club head and ball metrics to create a full picture of your golf swing. You can use this data easily as well, with the phone clip that come included. This lets you attach your phone to your golf bag and lets you interact with your Garmin Approach R10 in between shots.

So there you have it. Our attempt to unravel the launch monitor market. If you have any questions for us please feel free to reach out to our sales team on 01483 266679 or if you would like to try out a system, book into our demo room here.

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