The BodiTrak Golf System

BodiTrak: How to improve your weight distribution

Are you looking to improve your golf game?

When it comes to golf practice, there are a lot of things you need to think about in order to improve your technique. In some of our previous blog posts, we’ve talked about some of the different techniques that golfers can use to improve their game, including putting practice and different aids designed to help you practice at home. One thing to consider when it comes to the perfect game is stance, balance and weight distribution. Getting this right can really help your game.

Specialist technology – The BodiTrak Golf System

If you’re looking to improve your weight distribution, you should look into specialist practice aids such as The BodiTrak Golf System. Available in the UK, the BodiTrak Golf System is specifically designed to record balance and weight distribution using a portable mat and smart fabric technology.

Using cutting edge technology, the BodiTrak Golf System can provide real time performance results to help you improve your golfing technique. The BoiTrak Dash mobile app can also be used to capture and analyse ground force pressure and distribution I real time. The app uses pressure distribution maps and video capturing software to help in analysing ground force mechanics.

BodiTrak uses technology to help golfers improve their weight distribution. This allows for better coaching feedback and video analysis to help deliver feedback. The app also provides golfers with full access to performance metrics, videos and training history with BodiTrak. This not only lets you see what you need to do to improve your weight distribution, but can help show how you have progressed and improved over time.


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