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What Can a Golf Simulator Offer You That Courses Can’t?

The popularity of golf simulators has skyrocketed in recent years, so much so that the UK golf simulation system market is poised to reach a valuation of approximately £116 million by 2030. 

With sophisticated machine-learning technology that creates incredibly realistic golf simulation experiences in the comfort of the home or commercial premises, many golfers have taken to practising their swings indoors. The technical system allows golfers to train and hone their skills using software that simulates the experience of a genuine golf course.

However, does this increased use of golf swing technology pose a risk to the enjoyment of the traditional golf game? Let’s explore the key differences between using a simulator and playing real golf on an actual course, along with the inherent advantages and considerations of doing so.

What are the Key Differences between Using a Golf Simulator and Playing Real Golf?

At first glance, the most obvious difference between real golf and golf simulations is the setting. With a golf simulator, you’re swinging clubs indoors, usually in a dedicated space like a garage, games room, office, or dedicated outbuildings or garden studios

The ‘feel’ of simulated golf games will differ from that of real golf, with traditional golf swings, putts, and chips appearing drastically different and more ‘artificial’ than trying these strokes in an outdoor setting. The standard golf course provides a scenic, outdoor setting across 18 holes.

Some of the key differences are summarised below:

  • Golf simulation products use sensors, radars and high-speed cameras to track your golf ball and produce an instant, virtual result after each shot.
  • On a real golf course, you must physically walk or drive between each shot to play the ball where it lies.
  • Weather conditions are constant with golf simulators – there’s no need to account for wind, rain or sun glare. Real golf requires adapting your game to the elements.
  • Golf simulators offer metrics and data like club swing speed, ball speed, accuracy, launch angle and spin rate, along with in-game metrics like under/over par. This helps golfers analyse and perfect their techniques accordingly, using actionable data. While some modern courses provide swing data, most don’t have this level of in-depth functionality.
  • With a simulator, you can play 18 holes in a much shorter space of time (sometimes as quickly as 45 minutes) without needing a booking. Access to courses is limited, requiring advance bookings at peak times, along with time to travel to and from the course, not to mention taking various equipment.

Overall, golf simulators provide convenience, flexibility and detailed swing analysis. However, they lack the true realism and authenticity of playing golf on an outdoor course. 

Ultimately, being able to play the real game better should be the end goal for golf enthusiasts, and some may argue that simulators only take away from the experience of playing real golf. However, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a simulation system as it can be better for your game than you might realise.

Advantages of Golf Simulators Over Real Golf

Golf simulators provide some distinct advantages to keen golfers, whether they’re competing at the pro level or just occasionally enjoying it as a hobby.

  • Simulators give golfers the ability to practise and improve their skills anytime. With instant feedback after each shot, you can tweak your stance, grip and swing to gain more consistency. Golf swing data takes the guesswork out of diagnosing issues.
  • Golfers get straight to the action without needing to book a preferred tee time, which makes it more accessible for busy homeowners. Just step into your simulator space and get playing, for however long you feel like it.
  • Playing 18 holes on a simulator takes considerably less time than playing the same amount on an actual course. You avoid time spent walking or driving between holes or waiting for other golfers to finish, not to mention avoiding the commute to and from the course itself.
  • With golf simulators, you get plenty of customisation options to suit your skill level and needs. Choose from thousands of international courses or simulate different conditions to improve your game. Products from Golf Swing Systems even allow you to set swing difficulty.

Overall, golf simulators provide an efficient, customisable way to play golf more frequently and easily, while still significantly enhancing your skills.

Benefits of Real Golf Over Golf Simulation Systems

While golf simulators provide convenience, some aspects of the traditional game are impossible to simulate. 

  • Being outdoors provides physical and mental health benefits from fresh air, views, weather, and walking or driving between holes. Being cooped up inside for hours on end can be taxing, whereas physical games provide more environmental benefits.
  • Social interaction with other golfers is also a key aspect missing from simulators. Sometimes it’s just more enjoyable to socialise with friends and experience playing 18 holes on a nice sunny day.
  • The variety of real golf courses keeps the game interesting, providing new challenges with every round. If used excessively, simulators can start to feel repetitive after a while.
  • Golf simulators don’t always accurately capture the authenticity of seeing and feeling real shots. Factors like terrain, climate, and landing area firmness affect your strategy on a real course. 

So, for certain golfers, traditional golf may provide greater enjoyment and training benefits than simulators.

However, that is not to suggest that all golf enthusiasts, regardless of experience levels, cannot reap the benefits of a hybrid approach. There is every reason to suggest that practising using a mixture of simulators and real courses is the best way to hone your craft. If you can achieve the best of both methods, you will be well on your way to perfecting your golf game much more efficiently than solely relying on one.

Overall, both real golf and simulators have their merits. For golfers wanting to practise more flexibly and analyse their game, golf simulators are extremely beneficial. But traditional golf provides an unmatched outdoor experience. 

Golf Simulators from Golf Swing Systems

Golf Swing Systems provides customisable golf simulators and accessories to suit homes and businesses across the UK.

Our high-end solutions and premium components allow you to experience a golf simulation experience that closely mirrors the real thing. Key features include built-in, deep swing analyser software, professional mats and impact screens. Popular products from brands like SkyTrak, TrackMan, and FlightScope are available to match your budget and create a bespoke golf simulation product that suits your needs.

Our best-in-class installation, maintenance and financing services make golf simulators accessible for all budgets. Contact Golf Swing Systems today if you’re considering installing a custom simulator and looking to use enterprise-grade technology to improve your game.

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