The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Golf may not be seen as an active a sport compared to the likes of football, tennis or rugby but, in its own way, it can offer a number of health benefits you might not know about.

So, in this article, we thought we’d highlight a few of these for you, pointing out a few key reasons why playing golf can actually be good for you.

With this in mind, join us as we run through the four unexpected health benefits associated with playing golf.

1 – Golf Boosts Your Immune System

While it may not be true right now in light of the pandemic, playing a round of golf will typically mean spending a lot of time outside. And that, in itself, will offer a number of health benefits.

Research has shown, for example, that getting fresh air in your lungs can help everything from your digestive system to your blood pressure to your heart rate.

What’s more, spending time outdoors will also reduce your risk of suffering from weight-related issues like obesity.

Since you’ll be spending so long out in the sun as well, you will also be getting a lot more Vitamin D exposure than you would by playing an indoor sport. This is vital to supporting your immune system and keeping lots of nasty diseases, like rickets and influenza, at bay.

2 – Golf Improves Concentration & Supports Brain Health

Due to the very nature of golf, playing it on a regular basis will teach you about the importance of accuracy, focus and concentration.

This, in turn, can foster creativity, creative thinking and a sense of imagination when it comes to navigating tricky shots, nailing your golf swing or visualising how a shot may end up going.

These ways of thinking are all particularly important for your brain health, and plenty of research has demonstrated an association between golf and how you think in other areas of life.

Navigating a golf course can give you a greater sense of distance and depth, for example, which could then help when it comes to finding your bearings during any trips you take to new places.

3 – Golf Can Improve Mental Health

Is there anything more stress-relieving than smashing a golf ball as hard as you can?

For many people, heading to the driving range over winter is one of the best outlets for stress there is, being able to let off some steam whenever times are particularly tough.

Having this outlet can, in turn, reduce the likelihood of developing a whole host of mental health issues.

Whether it be anxiety, depression or work-related burnout, the social side to golf can also help keep mental health conditions at bay, offering an outlet for stress and any feelings of worry to be dealt with rather than left to fester.

4 – Golf Can Help With Weight Loss

While golf may not be seen as a high-energy sport, navigating your way around a golf course can involve a lot of walking which, when done on a regular basis, can help with weight loss.

When you think about it, during a round of golf, you rarely stop – you are often always either stood up or moving in some way. And that all mounts up, burning a ton of calories, keeping your heart rate up and helping you shift some weight.

The same can’t be said, however, if you choose to use a buggy.

The average length of an 18-hole golf course is 3.5 miles, after all. So, if you decide to drive that rather than walk it, you won’t end up shifting much weight at all – in fact, you could end up putting it on.

While you can’t get out on the golf course right now, why not think about investing in a golf simulator? Here at Golf Swing Systems, we offer a range of golf training solutions to keep you at the top of your game. Visit our products page or contact the team for more details.

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