5 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game While Self-Isolating

Whether it be because of the bad weather, another lockdown or a transportation issue, there are a number of reasons why learning how to improve your golf game at home can be particularly beneficial.

From honing your short game to perfecting your swing, you don’t necessarily need to be out on a golf course to improve your game.

In fact, learning to practice effectively at home could not only save you a lot of money over the long run but it could also help improve your level of consistency. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than playing like a pro one week and a complete amateur a few weeks later.

Regardless of what level your game is at, we’re here to help you learn how to play golf at home. Join us as we run through a few of the best ways to get started.

1 – Try Carpet Putting

Let’s start with one of the more budget-friendly ways to improve your game.

By investing in a few golf balls, you can actually use your carpet to help control your stroke. Simply drop a ball on the carpet, pick a target and try to direct the ball accordingly.

Even if you think it sounds silly, utilising the carpet and a mug is a time-honoured tradition within golf. Even some of the pro golfers used to spend the night before a tournament getting some last-minute carpet putting practice in.

The key is not to worry too much about speed. Carpets are nothing like the real feel of the green, after all, so you should try and use this exercise to focus on the stroke itself instead, making consistent contact with the centre of the putter face. This, in turn, will help you gain better control of your putter when you’re next out on the green.

2 – Utilise The Mirror

Many golfers learn a lot from watching each other – comparing their swing technique against others and trying to match it accordingly. So, why not watch yourself as well?

The only way you can learn what you’re doing right or wrong comes through seeing yourself in action. How else can you know you’re nailing your posture each time you swing, after all?

While at home, utilise a full-length mirror and even a camera to ruthlessly analyse your own technique. That way, you’ll be able to identify any areas you need to improve on when you’re next out on the course.

Generally speaking, a good basic posture involves bending forward out from your hips so that your hands can hang below your shoulders – almost as if your arms were a straight line down.

3 – Improve Your Balance

In essence, the better your balance is, the greater your level of consistency will be.

Many of the pro golfers, including Rory McIlroy, have flawless balance, making each swing and stroke look completely effortless.

To improve this skill while at home, try practicing your swing by keeping your feet next to each other. This will teach you the importance of making a fully-balanced swing and make you aware of any unnecessary motions that could compromise your balance.

Going one step further, learning yoga or Pilates could also significantly help not only in terms of improving your balance but honing your core strength, flexibility and breathing as well.

4 – Invest In The Right Tech

Thanks to the rise of technology over the years, there are currently a number of devices, gadgets and systems golfers can utilise to improve their game at home.

Golf simulator systems, for example, replicate the look and feel of an actual golf course, while providing you with real-time feedback, metrics and suggestions on how to improve your game.

Similarly, putting mats and artificial greens are relatively inexpensive to install both inside and outside of the home and can make a real difference to your short game.

What’s more, nets, screens and golf enclosures can all help you perfect your technique without the added risk of damaging your neighbour’s greenhouse.

5 – Get Fit

While golf may seem like more of a docile game than certain other sports, the best players still need to be in peak fitness in order to compete. Therefore, the same is true for you as well.

At-home exercises like planks, hip crossovers, press-ups and sit-ups will all improve your strength and joint flexibility. This, in turn, should relay onto your swing technique, helping you hit the ball further while maintaining better consistency.

What’s more, wrist exercises are very important to ensuring your grip always stays as firm and in control as it needs to be. To improve this area, the hanger drill is a well-known favourite of many golfers.

Simply grab a hanger as you would your club, then rest it in your left forearm, ensuring it stays in contact throughout your swing. The point of this is to teach yourself not to rotate your wrist as you swing, and reinforce this into your muscle memory.

For further hints and tips on how to improve your golf game while at home, why not check out our blog? Alternatively, give our friendly team a call and we’d be more than happy to assist with any questions or queries you might have.

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