Fitness for Golf – A stronger, healthier swing in 2022

All golfers know the physical and mental health benefits of a round of golf. You are out in the fresh air playing a sport you love often with friends who share the same passion. A round of golf can be physically demanding, if you choose not to use a buggy, then depending on the length of the course, you can expect to walk between 3-6 miles.  A 3.5-mile round of golf racks up a whopping 7,000 steps! Do you carry your golf bag? If yes, add a good 8-10 kilos into the mix!

What about the time you spend wandering about in the rough looking for those stray shots, not to mention your time on the green, eyeing up that perfect putt line!

This is why Golf Swing Systems is a firm believer in offering our customers practice aids that function not only to get those scores down but achieve that all round fitness approach to your golf swing therefore strengthening your core as well as other muscle groups important in the golf swing, particularly the gluteal muscles.

By incorporating core strength and flexibility training into your warm up routine, you are likely to lessen the risk or completely avoid the most common golf injuries, back pain, rotator cuff injury, golf elbow, knee pain and damage, tendinitis in the wrists.  Finally, you need to understand the mechanics behind your swing. A poor swing can cause or aggravate an injury.

Check out our top training aids to improve your all round golf fitness in 2022……

The Musher is an innovative exercising accessory that can be used at home or at the gym. The Musher enables individuals to improve core muscle strength whether you are a gym regular or do occasional workouts at home.  The Musher engages the core in a manner that is similar to when playing golf.  Find out more about The Musher HERE.


The Orange Whip Swing Trainer has long been linked with golf fitness. Orange Whip state ‘If you move better, you swing better.’  Take for example, the longest and most popular version which provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance and swing training and is proven effective to maximise core fitness and flexibility when regularly used in your warm-up routine.  Find out more about The Orange Whip HERE.


Sometimes the simplest of practice aids can make a big difference to your muscle memory. Take, for example, The Swing Trainer Power Band, The Power Band’s elasticity stretches while you practice the correct swing motion and can be utilised with various swing drills as well as giving your arms a work-out.  Find out more about the Power Band HERE.

Swing Trainer Power Band


Finally a product we would highly recommend to Golf Professionals as a tool to help them understand the biomechanics of their students’ golf swing is The BodiTrak Golf Mat.  BodiTrak generates a complete Pressure Mapping Picture of the pressure generated during the golf swing in all directions.  BodiTrak’s patented pressure sensing technology, combined with the BodiTrak Golf App, will allow you to see the inner workings of the swing like never before.  Read more about what BodiTrak could do for your golf tuition HERE.






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