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Eyeline Golf Groove Putting laser


The Eyeline Golf Groove Putting Laser has been skilfully developed to provide an exceptionally high quality laser putting aid at a great price. The dotted line pattern created by the laser offers fantastic visibility, helping you to work on your putting game. The product also has excellent battery life with batteries typically lasting between 10 and 12 hours of play time.

Durable and well made, this is a training aid with a long lifespan, so if you are looking for a way to improve your consistency and performance while putting, this is a great choice. The laser even comes in a choice of colours.

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The Grove Putting Laser is a fantastic putting aid that can be used by golfers of all ability levels to work on their short game. Very simple to set up and use, the laser provides instant essential feedback to make it easy for you to work on your putting.

You simply attach the laser to your putter and the laser provides you with a guideline for where your shot will go. This visual feedback allows you to develop a more consistent swing and improve your overall putting.

Built with a strong housing for durability and a high-grade glass lens, the Grove Putting Laser is ideal whether you are buying a gift for your partner or simply treating yourself to an excellent quality putting aid. You can choose the product with either a green or red laser – both are visible in bright sunlight on the course, it’s simply down to your preference.

The dots are used to ensure the brightest possible light to ensure that you can use the aid outdoors, while the laser has been specifically designed to sit over the balance point of putter to make sure there is still a natural feel to the swing. The light can be attached anywhere on the shaft based on your preference.

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