Laser Putt Golf Putting Aid



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The most accurate putting aid in golf today!

• Distance Control
• Pinpoint Accuracy
• Instant Visual Feedback

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What makes Laser Putt™  different from other putting aids? 

Only Laser Putt™ offers two lasers and these three laser systems!


  • GREEN Laser Alignment System: The GREEN laser shoes you the precise line, shape, and balance of your putting stroke, and visually allows you to see exactly where the putter makes contact with the ball so you can practice with pinpoint accuracy every time. You will clearly see if you hit the ball off the toe or heel as well as the amount of your error. You can then make the corrective adjustment… and consistently strike the ball dead center.
  • RED Laser Calibration System: The RED laser helps you gather personal data on the relationship between your backstroke and your putt distance. Use this data to develop “laser-perfect” feel for distance, pace, and speed.
  • Laser Visualisation System: Visualisation gives you powerful images of perfect putting strokes that you can store in your mind and later recall when facing a similar putt on the green.

Your Purchase Includes:

    • Laser Putt™  unit
    • Putting Data Log (for easy record-keeping)
    • User’s Guide (with step-by-step instructions for the three laser systems)
    • Alignment & Calibration Guide (100 cm x 10 cm)
    • Used by some of the worlds top players on the US PGA Tour.


Instant Visual Feedback

Laser Putt Golf Putting Aid

Pinpoint Accuracy

Laser Putt Golf Putting Aid

Distance Control

Laser Putt Golf Putting Aid

“Laser Putt represents nearly everything that I want in a training aid for putting. It gives you immediate visual feedback and can be used to address multiple swing issues that are faced by the majority of golfers… Laser Putt is unique in the market. Plus it has lasers, and that is just super cool.”

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– Mike Lednovich, Southland Golf Magazine, Southern California’s No. 1 Golf Source

Tijeras Times

“The Laser Putt system will develop a more confident putting stroke and shave strokes off your game.”

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“Visual feedback is invaluable for helping golfers… Laser Putt’s dual independent adjustable laser system projects a red dot straight in front of the ball as an aiming tool and a green laser line to track the putter’s path… to help putters who manipulate the clubhead…”

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