Lock-in Golf Grip Training Aid


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Lock-in Golf Grip Training Aid – Lock in a professional grip to get that muscle memory!

Featured at the 2022 PGA Show, the Lock-in Golf Grip locks in your leading hand, also referred to as the controlling hand, into the proper position as a PGA/LPGA professional golfer.

Did you know that 85% of the tour players are using either a standard strong grip or an extreme strong grip and 15% are using either a neutral or weak grip. Try what works best for you then create that muscle memory! Can be attached to any club in your bag and used to practice your chipping, pitching and full swing. Follow the six step program and obtain your full potential!

Orientation: For the Right-Handed golfer, the Lock-in Golf Grip will fit over the left hand. And, for the Left-Handed golfer the Lock-in Golf Grip will fit over the right hand.

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Lock-in Golf Grip Training Aid

Benefits of practicing with The Lock-in Golf Grip

Forces you to grip the club like a professional.   How important is it to grip the club correctly you ask? Well, ask any professional golfer and they will tell you it is the most important aspect of the golf swing. Unlike other ball hitting sports like baseball or tennis, the golf grip must be correct in order for the club head to naturally rotate while making contact with the ball

Teaches you the proper wrist hinge.   The wrist should hinge as natural as possible. Therefore, no forcing of wrist rotation should ever be used in a golf swing. Our six-step program explains and walks you through drills that will create muscle memory to allow the wrist to hinge naturally. ‘Feel the force don’t force the feel’.

-Indirectly forces correct body movements throughout the swing.   Incorrect body movements are created from the results of an inconsistent grip and/or wrist hinge. Once you have corrected your grip and wrist hinge, your body will make adjustments in order to square up the face. You will naturally start rotating your hips correctly on the downswing in order to hit it straight.

-Creates clubhead awareness.   By attaching the golf club consistently to your hand for every swing, the brain will start to treat the golf club as an extension of your arm. Just think about it, if you attached your arm slightly different to your body every time you needed to pick up something, your brain would get confused. This is similar to gripping the golf club slightly different every time you swing. Did you know that 90% of all the average golfers grip the club slightly different for every swing and they won’t even know it. Follow the six-step program and create that consistency.



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