Mevo+ Portable Personal Launch Monitor


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Mevo+ is the full version of FlightScope’s popular personal launch monitor; a brilliant tool for dedicated golfers to work on their game, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

This cutting-edge golf radar boasts a range of helpful features packed into an easily portable device; a great way for golfers of all abilities to get a more detailed look at their swing and hone in on specific areas for improvement.

The Mevo + adds 8 additional, accurate data parameters to the basic categories included with the original Mevo radar.

The Mevo + also comes with the added features of simulation and gamification, allowing you to play on virtual models of 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges.

Mevo stands for Measure your numbers, Evaluate your game, Visualise your improvement, Optimise your performance, and its array of great functionalities will help you accomplish all four with ease. Just order the device, download FlightScope’s free Mevo app, and you’ll be ready to start improving your game like  a pro!




Features of the Mevo+

Mevo Feature: Automatic Video Clipping
Automatic video clipping means that you’ll have minimum interruptions as you work on your swing, while the Mevo app automatically records, clips, and saves your practice videos, with data overlay freeing up space for the videos you want to save.
Mevo Feature: Dial in your Distances
You can dial in distances both indoors and outdoors, giving you the flexibility to practice and improve with every club, whether you’re on the course, the range, or even in your own living room!
Mevo Feature: Simulation
The additional software simulation package allows you to practice on 5 courses and 17 practice ranges, as well as online competitions and a fun darts mini game.

Mevo+ gives you full access to 16 different data parameters for a granular and insightful look at your game. including:

Mevo and Mevo+ Data Parameters

Astounding mevo stats

Here’s a sample of some amazing results Mevo customers are achieving.

Mevo golf stats


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