PuttOUT Mirror System – Putting Mirror Trainer with Gates


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The PuttOUT Mirror System is designed to work with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and the PuttOUT mat, however you can also use it on its own.

It is cleverly designed to integrate with the existing products to help golfers improve their putting.

The PuttOUT Mirror System is versatile and allows you to experiment with many training methods to encourage consistent putting.

Comes in silver/red colourway. 1 x gate supplied per kit.



What is the PuttOUT Mirror System?

  • PuttOUT magnetic mirror


  • Small spikes to secure the mirror to your mat.
  • A moulded indent in the front for easy ball location.
  • You can position the mirror at a 45 degree angle for a range of views.

Material: Steel backing with a printed acrylic mirror and elastomer cover.


  • PuttOUT magnetic guides x 2. 

Example uses:

  • Position them the exact width of a putter to increase the quality of striking the ball.
  • Position on the mirror to set up tracks and stops for other drills.


  • PuttOUT putting gate x 1.

Example uses:

  • Use the small gate to reduce the size of the target. This can increase focus and be used of a sloping green to gauge break points.
  • Angled mirror.

The PuttOUT mirror is designed to be supported by the gate at a 45-degree angle, as it is hugely beneficial to view your putting stroke from another angle.

  • Drawstring Bag.

Protects the mirror from scratches.

  • Acetate mirror covers.

Protection for the mirror and allows you to customise the mirror

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