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Swing Align Standard

Swing Align is a powerful golfing practice aid designed to teach alignment as well as rotation, connection, and swing plane in order to improve your overall golf game. This is the standard product which is suitable for the majority of golfers looking to improve their swing and game as a whole.

Swing Align is the only golf swing training device available that utilises both visual memory and muscle memory in order to help golfers improve their form.


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An innovative training aid, the Swing Align Standard fits most golfers. It is sized to be used by those with biceps measuring less than 13.5” (34.3cm) in circumference when at rest. If you have an arm size larger than 13.5” you should opt for the Swing Align XL.

This training aid is ideal for:

  • Teaching alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane
  • Promoting a more powerful and accurate golf swing
  • Helping golfers to learn and maintain their golf swing
  • Learning through repetition
  • Hitting any shot while wearing the device
  • Easily justifying your body and target lines

It is the only training device for your golf swing that helps you develop through a combination of visual memory and muscle memory.

The Swing Align Standard includes:

  • Flexible cuff assemblies
  • Standard cushioned pads
  • Adjustable connection belt
  • One long alignment rod
  • Two short rod extensions
  • Additional thick cushioned pads

Swing Align – Standard


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