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The TruGolf Home Swing Studio provides a professional-level product at a fantastic price. Powered by the TruGolf Mini simulator, you can develop your golf skills at home with incredible training aids and video game-style content.

With an on-club sensor and a weighted impact trainer, you can work on your game one step at a time and strengthen the various aspects of your game – this can really make an impact when you get back out on the golf course.

The TruGolf Home Swing Studio has three difficulty settings, making it ideal whether you are a beginner or an experience player looking to work on the small details to perfect your swing. With 17 practice ranges and 5 golf courses to play on, this offers tour-level golf simulator technology for players at all levels.



The TruGolf Home Swing Studio offers something new – a fantastic home golf simulator that genuinely helps you improve your game and performance at a price point much lower than traditional golf simulators.

This is a professional-level product that can be used by golfers of all levels. The software comes with three difficulty settings, meaning that it can be fun and engaging for a rookie golfer, or challenging and course-accurate for an experienced player.

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What’s included:

  • TruGolf Mini Simulator
  • E6 CONNECT software
  • Impact trainer with safety loop
  • USB charging cable

Five real golf courses appear in the software:

  • Aviara Golf Club
  • Bandon Dunes Golf Club
  • Sanctuary Golf Course
  • Stone Canyon Golf Club
  • Wade Hampton Golf Course

The software also includes 17 practice ranges as well as a mini games and online tournaments.

This simulator has been designed to help you work on four key aspects of your golf swing: club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo and club path. It provides you in-depth analysis of every shot, allowing you to work on your consistency and work on vital aspects of your overall golf game.

iPad Requirements: iPad Pro 1 or later | iPad 5 or later | iPad Air 3 (Current Version) | iPad Mini 5 (Current Version) | iPhone 8 or later

Not currently Android compatible

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