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Finally, a complete system for biohacking your clubhead speed.

The Stack System provides dynamic programming directly from golf’s leading biomechanist, Dr Sasho MacKenzie. Speed training secrets previously reserved for Tour players, now available to you.

5 CNC milled Stack weights combine with a custom engineered shaft & hardware to create 30 unique combinations for unlocking dynamic variable inertia speed training.

Programs designed in the lab – and proven on Tour – that respond dynamically as you level up your speed.

Tracking Speed




The Stack System provides dynamic programming directly from golf’s leading biomechanist. Speed training secrets previously reserved for Tour players, now available to you.

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, Co-Founder

Golf’s foremost biomechanist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie is the research practitioner behind the world’s top golf coaches – his work and theories have driven a scientific, evidence-based revolution in golf instruction and movement training.

Sasho’s area of expertise is the training and biomechanics of speed generation. The Stack System allows Sasho to share his research findings and training wisdom directly with you, using the same tools, techniques, and nuances that he uses to speed train Tour players he has consulted.

Variable inertia speed training is the most efficient way to increase speed.

TheStack Hardware

  • 5 milled Stack weights enable 30 weight combinations between 0g and 300g
  • Dual-purpose weight case / phone stand
  • Highly engineered training club – Adult 105cm (41.5″)

What’s inside the PRGR box?

  • PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor: Red Eyes Pocket HS-130A
  • Instruction Manual

TheStack App Training

  • Dynamic speed training formulated by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie
  • Guided workout timer for reps, sets, and rest intervals
  • Custom speed metrics to track your gains
  • Hands-free data entry using voice entry technology
  • Includes Single User License – Enables training and tracking for up to five local users under one login.
  • 2-year Single User License, accessible on iOS.

Access TheStack App from the App Store when your order arrives.  iOs only (13.0 or later)

app store link

* Applies to Single User License only


Matt Fitzpatrick - US Open Speed Gains!

Matt Fitzpatrick - US Open Speed Gains!

Coverage on TheStack begins at 4.30

PRGR Portable Golf Launch Monitor 2021

PRGR Portable Golf Launch Monitor 2021

The new PRGR HS-130A Launch Monitor is an easy to use battery-powered unit that provides swing speedball speedsmash factorcarry and total distance estimates.

New Model HS-130 has many improvements compared with model HS-120A

1) Expanded screen
2) High resolution display
3) Ability to toggle modes of measurements – Metres/Yards
4) Higher quality, dual, improved, and faster radar sensor
5) New and highly scientific launch algorithms for increased
precision and consistency

If you want to know how far you hit your current clubs or want to track your progress as you try to increase your swing speed or quality of strike, this device gives clear, important information that can aid your practice and is excellent value.

You can toggle between metres or yards PRGR is accurate using a new higher quality, dual, improved  and faster sensor doppler radar!

Just turn it on, position it on the ground and hit.

You’ll see your swing speed, ball speed, smash factor and distance with each club (carry and total). The expanded screen has high resolution.

Highly scientific launch algorithms measure with precision and consistency.

Works for right and left-handed swings.

Keeps a history of your most recent 500 shots and measurements.

Can measure your club head speed on practice swings.

  • SUPERIOR ACCURACY: Uses Doppler Radar and precise algorithms to show your SWING SPEED, BALL SPEED, CARRY DISTANCE, TOTAL DISTANCE and SMASH FACTOR for each club. Can also use with Tennis, Soccer and Baseball.
  • EASY TO USE: Turn it on, put it down and hit. Powered by (included) batteries. No wifi, no downloads, no apps needed. Captures nearly 100% of shots without “fiddling” with placement like with others.
  • Large LCD screen: Display measurement results and history. Camera screw: used to attach the device to tripods and other fixings. Batteries – 4x AAA size alkaline batteries
  • Flight distance display switch button: switches between Carry and Total flight distance display modes. Scroll button: used to scroll through measurement histories and device setting. Toggler between metres and Yards

Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training

Programs & Training

TheStack is a personal swing-speed trainer for golfers.

Initially, each golfer is piloted through a series of swing speed tests to generate a force-velocity profile of their current swing. Qualitative data is gathered on perceived strengths and weaknesses related to generating clubhead speed.

Based on individual comprehensive baseline data, TheStack App’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms provide a list of customised program options. The program list is rank ordered starting with the program that has the greatest likelihood of increasing clubhead speed over a 6 to 10 week period, which equates 18 to 24 training sessions.



TheStack App provides customised variable inertia speed training – the most efficient way to increase your clubhead speed. The algorithms that power the dynamic programming come from years of research by leading sport scientist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie.

Here is how it works…

Dynamic Training Programs

TheStack App functions as your own personal trainer, guiding you through scheduled workouts while tracking Stack weight, rest, recovery, and performance gains. This information allows future workouts to be adjusted behind the scenes, so your training is optimized to maximise clubhead speed gains.

Baseline Session

Similar to working with a personal trainer, you are guided through a detailed intake session. Qualitative data is gathered on perceived strengths and weakness related to generating clubhead speed. You’ll be coached through a series of swing speed tests to generate a force-velocity profile of your current swing. This data informs A.I. algorithms which create custom programming options. 


Following the Baseline Session, TheStack App provides a list of customized programming options. The list is prioritized specifically for you by greatest likelihood of increasing clubhead speed over a 6 to 10 week period (18 to 24 training sessions).


During each training Session, TheStack App coaches you through each swing – seamlessly guiding stack weight configuration, swing intent and rest for each rep and set.

Hands-Free Data Collection

Using TheStack System’s voice entry technology, enjoy hands-free data collection during training sessions, by simply dictating your speed readings into the App. The hands-free data capture feature even works when wearing AirPods or earbuds. If you are training with a coach or friend, numbers can be keyed.

Workout Summaries

Detailed post-workout data review enables you to verify and, if needed, make any changes to speed data before syncing to the cloud.

Tracking and Sharing Metrics

TheStack App tracks key performance metrics such as Stack Speed, Distance Potential, Clubhead Speed and Grit Score. Easily share your progress and gains to your favorite social media platform.

Progress Checks

After completing a training program, TheStack App re-assesses your gains with a Progress Check, from there reformulating your next program. Data captured along the way improves the intelligence of TheStack algorithms through A.I. techniques.

Cloud Storage

Training data is stored securely in the cloud.  Whether you get a new phone or want to login from another device for your next training session, everything works seamlessly.

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