GOLF GPS Systems, Devices & Laser Distance Finders

With so many GPS and Laser distance finders in the market Golf Swing Systems went to extreme lengths at the Orlando PGA Show to test out quality, price and accuracy. We offer only the best GPS systems and devices to suit you and your budget.

Golf GPS systems utilise the same GPS satellite system that a car navigation system does. GPS coordinates must be mapped for each course that the manufacturer offers on the device. This is primarily done through the use of satellite images but Sky Golf, maker of Sky Caddie systems, prides itself on walking every course as does the Golf Buddy range of GPS devices.

Most tell you at least the distance to the front, center, and back of the green while some offer more including the distance needed to carry hazards. An overhead view of the hole is another feature on some systems. Most of the touchscreen models offer the ability to drag to any point on the hole and see the distance to it.

Many golf GPS systems show an overhead view of the hole. Visualisation is a crucial component of being a successful golfer. An overhead view of the hole is highly beneficial in utilising course management to plan out your shots on each hole.

You can keep score and track stats on many golf GPS systems. In addition to determining yardage left to the green and hazards, many golf GPS systems allow you to keep score and track stats.

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