The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Golf Lovers

With the weather getting gradually worse and the evenings becoming darker much earlier on in the day, that can only mean one thing: Christmas is right around the corner.

But, being frank about it, after the year we’ve had to this point, coming towards the end of the year is likely to be something that most people will be fairly happy with. So, why not celebrate with a Christmas to remember?

While there may still currently be doubts over who and where you’ll be able to celebrate Christmas this year, nothing is stopping you from planning your presents – identifying the perfect gifts to buy for your loved ones.

And, if there’s a golf fan in the family, you’re in luck. As expert suppliers of a wide range of golfing goods, we have lots of products that will put a smile on the face of any golfing fan.

From new clubs to putting mats to full-on simulator systems, here are a few of the best golfing Christmas gift ideas to think about buying this year.

1 – Practice Net

Easy to construct and even easier to take down, practice nets are a great way of allowing wannabe golfers to practice their swing wherever they may be.

Whether in their bedroom, living room or garden, these nets come in all shapes and sizes – from chipping nets to full-on cages – and are the ideal way for your loved one to hit balls without the added risk of breaking something.

Plus, they will offer a great solution for those days where the golf course isn’t open for some reason, enabling your loved one to practice swing after swing in the comfort of their own home.

2 – Golf Watch

In light of the current lockdown restrictions, your loved one will probably be itching to get back out on the golf course again. So, why not use this to your advantage?

Our range of GPS-embedded golf watches are the ideal addition for any avid golfer – and not just in terms of their aesthetic appeal.

Golf watches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Active2 or SkyCaddie LX5, utilise the same GPS satellite system as car navigation systems, helping golfers navigate their way around golf courses as they play on them.

As a result of this, golfers can now quickly and easily see the distance to the front, centre and back of the green, while also visualising the hole using an overhead view. This, in turn, can help with their shot choice which, ultimately, could improve their game.

Golf simulator preview blog image

3 – Golf Simulator Systems

While on the topic of being out on the golf course, if this year’s anything to go by, it’s important to have home-based golfing solutions readily available in case of bad weather or – even worse – another lockdown.

As such, investing in or hiring a golf simulator system could be a great way of ensuring your loved one has an outlet on those days where they can’t get out on the course for any reason.

Here’s a quick demonstration of they work:

OptiShot Vision Review with PGA Professional Eric Colchimiro from OptiShot Golf on Vimeo.

Quick and easy to install, these systems use a combination of high-tech machinery, a projector screen and computerised golf course models to mimic the look and feel of real-life golf courses.

Then, using radar and light sensors, they can detect a number of factors that go into a golfer’s shot and swing, providing real-time data on their performance to help improve their game.

4 – Fitness Aids

While you may not think it, you need to be very fit to play golf effectively without getting injured. So, if you’re loved one has mentioned issues with their swing before, why not give them a helping hand?

Whether it be the SWINGPERFECT Training Aid, the Swing Ring Golf Warm-Up Aid or – as a funnier option – the Golf Swing Shirt, our range of golf fitness aids can do exactly that, helping them identify what they’re doing wrong and teaching them the right way to hit the ball.

Because of this, their risk of becoming injured will be minimised, since their routine will become a lot more consistent as a result. In other words, there will be less likelihood of them putting their shoulder out or pulling a muscle since their swing will be much-improved.

Here at Golf Swing Systems, we offer a wide range of specialist golfing products that would make the ideal gift for your loved one this Christmas. For further ideas, advice or support on any of the products listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our team today – we would be more than happy to help.

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