A True Hidden Gem – Another GSS build complete

If you could build a private, golfing paradise, how would you do it? Well, Golf Swing systems were given this challenge at our latest cabin installation. With building regulations to comply with, a luxury brief and a golfer’s practice den to build, this stands as one of Golf Swing system’s greatest challenges.

The Building Regulations

Whenever you plan to erect a structure or outbuilding, you need to consider the planning

permissions and building regulations. Ignoring them could reduce your new golf cabin to rubble, which is why hiring competent people is so important! The height of the building had potential to snooker our team before they even got going. Ingenuity however can offer solutions to these issues. A survey revealed that we could sink the entire structure into the garden itself.  This meant the building could retain its impressive dimensions, whilst complying with planning permissions.

The Cabin Build Starts

Gary Oakes mid point
Gary Oakes mid point

Once planning permission had been accepted the build began. The first step was to dig the foundations deep enough to sink the building below the level of the rest of the garden. This ensured the height of the building complied with the “ceiling” of the permissions. After 12 weeks work a strong, timber framed structure stood ready for its outfitting.

The Practice Equipment

With such a luxury cabin, the interior needed to contain the ultimate in golfing practice gear. To start with the launch monitor had to be the gold standard that is Trackman 4. With its dual radar technology and second to none graphics Trackman 4 has raised the standard when it comes to indoor golf practice. Introduction of features like impact location, real time simulation and even putting practice features make T4 the best golf simulation option on the market.

To capitalise on T4’s stunning graphics you also need a high powered projector and a Par2Pro HD Screen. This standard of projection means you can see your shots in high definition focus. When you combine this standard of projector and screen, you can even use your practice facility as a home theatre! 4K movies are no problem for a HD screen.

Incorporating a top quality hitting surface provides you with the necessary feedback to detect when you hit bad shots. With the Tee Turf strike mat, you are given life like feedback on fat shots especially. By using its fairway grass style material, you will see a large drop in ball speed on fat shots and will be able to feel it when you strike it pure.

Final Finish

Gary Oakes interior

Finally, safety and durability needs to be addressed. By incorporating faux leather acoustic cushioning, you can protect the walls of your cabin simulator and reduce the chances of ricocheting golf balls. This not only makes your practice less stressful but also allows for the bad shots. These will inevitably appear when you are changing your swing but when you properly cushion the simulator, they need not damage your investment. In addition these customisable leather cushions, also offer an extremely classy finish to the cabin. What a stunning end result. To start your cabin journey with Golf Swing Systems, contact us here.

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