Father's Day Golf

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Our Top 5 Gifts this year!

With Father’s Day drawing near, finding the perfect gift for your Dad can be difficult, especially if he’s a golfer! With everything from launch monitors to practice aids, you can find a gift for any budget, for any golfer. Whether your Father requires extra distance off the tee, more data from his swing, or to take his practice to a whole new level this guide will help you find the perfect gift.


The Mevo+ Personal Launch Monitor with the Pro Package


Mevo+ is the full version of FlightScope’s popular personal launch monitor; a brilliant tool for dedicated golfers to work on their game, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. When you pair this with their all-new Pro Package, it becomes a total launch monitor package! Taking the measurable data points to a total of 27, the Pro Package will allow you to measure, club head data, ball speed data and Swing Path! This level of detail is normally reserved for much more expensive launch monitors with The Mevo+ coming in at a fraction of the price of its closest competitors.



TrueTurnPro – Improve your Swing


SPEED. POWER. DISTANCE. Does your Dad complain about a lack of distance off the tee, or about wanting to reach longer holes in 2 shots? The TrueTurnPro is designed and engineered to engage the golfer’s larger muscles, providing more speed and consistency. However, by isolating your thoracic spine, the TrueTurnPro helps to prevent injuries to golfer’s backs, helping to make sure your Dad stays in the game all through the season! By bullet proofing your Dad’s back, the game becomes more enjoyable. The ability to turn better, and with more mobility, will help to produce a more powerful strike with better control.



Perfect Putting Mat by Perfect Practice

The Perfect Putting Mat is the ideal gift for any golfer this Father’s Day. Used by over 100 Tour Pros, including former world number 1 Dustin Johnson, The Perfect Putting Matt, will help your Dad but like a pro! The Perfect Putting Mat, is suitable for practice both at home or the office, to get that extra work to lower his handicap and hole more putts. According to Marc Leishman, “It’s awesome mate! For the Elite and the kids too, my boys love it! It’s teaching them the correct alignment. Thanks to the mat, and looking forward to holing more putts!”.


Trident Align 2.0 – Fully adjustable ball marker

Do you find your Dad complaining about putting woes on the course? The Trident Align 2.0 may be the solution with the 2nd generation providing the same level of adjustability and precision aiming that Trident Align customers have become accustomed to. The new design features two stability studs that have been added to the base plate to provide extra gripping power when being used on hard or fast greens where the grass has been cut tighter. The precision movement of the new design ensures the adjustable aim finder moves smoothly from side to side with greater ease and accuracy to ensure you find your desired start line on every putt.


Ultimate FLYT Bundle

FLYT have produced golf’s ultimate training bundle. Everything your Dad needs to improve his swing mechanics to not only gain speed, but also consistency. Using the FLYT Sleeve and swing extender, golfers can improve everything from their chipping to full swing shots. The FLYT Sleeve simplifies chipping and pitching as well as promoting a straighter lead arm in the full shots, to create more spin and help to strike the ball pure! The FLYT Swing Extender puts the golfer into golf’s “power position”. More extension, a 90 degree top position and the ability to shallow the club head on your downswing,  allows the golfer to create more power and control in their golf swing.

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