Trident Align 2.0 – Fully adjustable ball marker


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New and Improved Design

This 2nd generation Trident Align design provides the same level of adjustability and precision aiming that Trident Align customers have become accustomed to. The new design features two stability studs that have been added to the base plate to provide extra gripping power when being used on hard or fast greens where the grass has been cut tighter. The precision movement of the new design ensures the adjustable aim finder moves smoothly from side to side with greater ease and accuracy to ensure you find your desired start line on every putt.

What’s Included 

  • Trident Align Ball Marker
  • 25mm Marker Coin
  • Golf Ball Stencil Tool
  • Sharpie Marker Pen
  • Protective Pouch



How to use Trident Align

Discover how to get the most out of your Trident Ball Marker when practicing or during tournament play.  Introduced by Enda McLoughlin, PGA Professional and designer of Trident Align.

Centre Aim Line

The long vertical line sits perfectly at 90° meaning the ball is not tilted to either side and the aim created by the line on the ball provides you with the true aim for the putt. If the golf ball is slightly tilted or rotated it can make the aim of the line appear different when you stand over the ball in your address position, compared to how it looked from when you stood directly behind the ball looking towards the hole. When you use a line on your golf ball you need to know you can trust its aim, with Trident Align you can.

Square Up Your Face

When the markings on the Trident alignment guide and the Trident markings on the golf ball forms a perfect square shape it ensures the long centre line is perfectly positioned at 90°. If you haven’t formed the square then the ball is not aimed along the same line as the Trident alignment guide. This is due to the fact that the ball is either tilted or rotated too much to the left or right, make your adjustments until everything lines up perfectly.

Make It Square

The short horizontal lines of the Trident markings on the back of the golf ball act as a guide for the putter face to ensure it is positioned squarely behind the ball at address. If your putter face is slightly open or closed it is very visible to the eye and gives you instant feedback.

Trident Alignment Finder

Swivels to the left or right and allows you to vary your aim depending on the amount of break you need to play on any given putt. This moves independently of the black base unit allowing you to find your ideal starting line without the need for the ball to be in position.



About Trident Align 2.0

About Trident Align 2.0


Trident Align has been designed by PGA Professional Enda McLoughlin. After nearly 20 years in the golf industry Enda combined both his experience as a competitive golfer and as a PGA coach working with hundreds of golfers over many years, to design the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker.

The idea of using a line on the golf ball and aiming it at a desired spot left or right of the hole always appealed to Enda, the line looked like it was aimed correctly from behind the ball looking towards the target, but once over the ball the line always appeared to be aiming left. This led to confusion, do you trust what you lined up from behind the ball or where you now “feel” you should be aimed standing over the ball? Do you pull out your ball marker and readjust the line on the golf ball again? No one wants to unduly hold up play so more often than not you go ahead and hit the putt with the doubt in your head.

Enda began to research why this was happening, eye dominance and aim bias became evident very quickly. A lot of golfers aim further left or right than they intend to with up to 93% of golfers not aiming at their intended start line. A simple factor such as ball position can impact where you perceive you are aiming, also if the line on the golf ball is tilting or leaning to either side by just 1 or 2 degrees (which the naked eye will not see) this will impact where you think the line on the golf ball is aiming.

Enda set about designing a ball marker that would:

  • Allow you to start the process of adjusting and fine tuning your aim as soon as you begin to read your putt.
  • Allow you to adjust the aim of the ball marker without the ball needing to be in position on the green.
  • Provide you with a start line you can have ultimate confidence in.
  • Ensure the centre line on the golf ball sits perfectly at 90 degrees (no tilt/ lean) through Trident Aligns patented design.
  • Perfectly match up the putter face squarely to the back of the ball on every putt.

Trident Align is part of P2 Putter Grips Ltd, an Irish based company which first brought an innovative putter grip to the market in 2016 with a patented design to provide golfers with greater control over their hands and wrists during their putting stroke.

However, controlling a golfer’s hands throughout the stroke is only part of the solution. If a golfer cannot aim correctly and aim at a point they have specifically chosen as their aim line, then the probability of holing a putt reduces dramatically.

That’s where Trident Align comes in. Its patented design has been developed to help fine tune your aim, to help you hole more putts, to shoot lower scores and to reduce your handicap.



Size: 3.5cm Wide x 3.8cm Long x 0.5cm Depth

Weight: 26g

What is the small 25mm marker coin underneath used for?

There may be an occasion where your Trident Align ball marker is close to your playing partner’s line of putt. Out of courtesy, you can simply use the 25mm marker coin instead, this does not impede their line or catch their eye. Once your playing partner has played you can put your Trident Align marker back down and continue as normal. 

Is Trident Align permitted under the rules of golf? 

Yes,  with a footprint of 1.38″ x 1.5″ (W x L) the Trident Align  marker complies fully with the equipment requirements  of the R&A / USGA  in relation to ball markers.  

What level of adjustability does the Trident Alignment finder guide have? 

The alignment finder can aim 20 degrees left and 20 degrees right from its central position. The distance this equates to the left or right of the hole in feet or inches varies depending on the overall length of the putt.

What if there is a huge break on the putt?  Is 20 degrees of adjustment enough?

The Trident Alignment Finder can cope with any amount of break. If a putt has a significant amount of break then generally you can see this as you approach the green to mark your golf ball. In this case, you position the Trident Alignment Finder on the ground aimed more towards the side that the putt will break from. Rather than starting with the alignment finder in its centered position with the long centre line aimed directly at the hole, you place it on the ground aiming further to the left or right of the hole and then adjust accordingly.

What if I prefer to use a different colour marker pen to draw a line on my golf ball? 

You can use any colour marker pen that you prefer to make the Trident stencil on your golf ball, however, the black marker pen produces the best contrast and visibility between the markings on the golf ball and Trident Alignment guide.

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