Golf Swing Systems 2022 Highlight Reel

22 Bishopsgate – The Highest Tee Box in London

What do you expect to see when you enter the 42nd floor of a London City Skyscraper? How about a Trackman powered custom simulator? With thousands of workers enjoying the work from home format, introduced by lockdown, companies are looking for new ways to entice their teams into the office. With the title of “The Highest Tee Box in London” this company have certainly introduced a new attraction to their office.

As part of a £20million revamp of 22 Bishopsgate, custom leather cushioning, a branded design and Trackman 4 have all been installed, with the ultimate in golf simulation as the goal. By providing an in house option for employees to relax, move and exercise, this team have gone above and beyond in this modern workplace.

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The Gary Oakes Cabin – A True hidden Gem

Gary Oakes – Exterior

If you could build a private, golfing paradise, how would you do it? With this installation for Gary Oakes, we needed to build the whole structure into the foundations of the garden. By taking on this large construction project, GSS managed to install a huge luxury practice den, all underneath the ceiling imposed by planning permissions. Natural light was prioritised with all windows sitting above the level of the garden to flood the practice area with sunshine whenever possible. Outfitted with an HD Screen, Trackman 4 and indoor putting turf this truly is a hidden golfing paradise.

With Golf Swing Systems cabins, each build is unique. In this case a timber frame, was erected with a cabin finish to give a super premium look.

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New Practice nets for Guildford Golf Club

Guildford GC Nets

When you think of golf clubs with the history seen at Guildford GC, you think of luxury. To achieve this look and feel with a hitting net you need the quality netting offered by GSS, and a touch of class. This stunning finish was achieved by installing nets with a timber frame rather than the traditional metal poles. Additionally, we added a ramped floor so the ball returns to the player without the need for retrieval.

By upping the profile of your club’s practice facilities, you add to the prestige felt when teeing off. Tom May, the general manager set out to achieve a practice facility more in keeping with the status of Guilford GC. We think that was achieved.

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Merthyr Tydfil College Golf Academy

Merthyr Tydfil College

Neil Matthews, Welsh National Golf Coach, works for Merthyr Tydfil College. On a part time basis, Neil coaches students on the college’s golf courses. When a room in the college became available for a golfing studio, Golf Swing systems were happy to step up.

Neil is a particularly keen putting coach and was a perfect candidate for a prestigious and rarefied putting practice setup. The Big Tilt Putting Platform gives Neil one of the most advanced putting studios in the UK, with the added advantage of using TrackMan Data for putting and Full Swing analysis as well in their fully fitted golf simulator.

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