Top Picks – Coaching Aids Edition

The golf swing is a complex movement. With so many moving parts, every golfer, from amateur to tour pro, gets out of position sometimes. Luckily there are coaching aids for almost any swing flaw. This means there are hundreds of products to choose from, ranging from speed trainers to putting analysis tools. Knowing which will suit you best is difficult. This GSS Blog will unravel the coaching aids market and find the perfect product for you.


BodiTrak blog

The BodiTrak Golf System unlocks the data behind your swing, from the ground up. Generating power in the golf swing all begins with the interaction between your feet and floor. Movement in all directions is measured by The BodiTrak. This generates a complete pressure mapping picture behind your swing.

Backed by renowned instructors, BodiTrak is the perfect companion for any level of golfer, looking to drastically improve their game. PGA Tour Instructor, Jake Thurm, says “The way I see it, you need to provide two things to your clients to run a successful business: Improvement and an experience that separates you from your competitors. BodiTrak Golf accomplishes both of these”. Perfect for players and coaches alike The BodiTrak Mat is the most portable and affordable pressure plate on the market.



HackMotion, is a wearable motion capture device, which monitors the player’s wrist angles. The device uses this data to feedback on how to improve performance where it matters, on the golf course. Your hands are the only part of the body which is in direct contact with the club meaning that your wrist alignment directly determines the clubface angle, and the resulting shot.

Worn on the wrist, like a watch, the HackMotion provides real time bio feedback and links with your device instantly. Data provided includes a extension/flexion parameter, ulnar/radial deviation parameter and rotation parameter. Whether you are a player or a coach, the HackMotion can unlock a deeper understanding of the golf swing. You can even compare swing performance to tour pros and improve like a pro with the HackMotion App.

CAPTO 2nd Generation & Capto EZ

CAPTO Putting is a revolutionary new training and fitting system. Golfers are granted immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real conditions. The CAPTO sensor is equipped with nine measurement sensors and five calibration sensors to turn your feelings , into data and certainty. With over 40 measurable parameters no element of your putting will be missed. Equipped with a powerful calculation processor, CAPTO performs on-board processing of your putting stroke in partnership with the CAPTO App.

The CAPTO Putting sensor is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. With a battery life of 180-minutes you can hit hundreds of putts per session. Repetitions allow golfers to really hone in on the weaknesses in the putting stoke. Take putting practice to a new level with CAPTO Gen 2.

For those players and coaches looking for a smaller package, and streamlined data analysis, CAPTO present the EZ. Taking the tech from the CAPTO 2nd Gen and placing it in a smaller package, you can analyse 14 data points to improve your putting today.

Trackman 4 Launch Monitor

Trackman 4 is the world’s most popular indoor launch monitor for tour pro’s, coaches and custom fitters alike. T4’s Performance Studio has evolved from a coach analysis tool to a complete performance and entertainment solution. Today, the TrackMan 4 includes the most powerful AI in golf practice, a completely overhauled user interface, as well as being a simulator powerhouse together with the stunning TrackMan Virtual Golf 2.

Investing in a TrackMan Simulator solution is the start of an exciting and rewarding journey together with a company known for quality and innovation. Whether for private, or commercial use – constant additions of features, games and courses ensure your system is as remarkable as the day it was first installed. For example Trackman can now boast the capability to track any golf shot, from putts to 400 yard drives.

TheStack & PRGR Package

Everyone in golf has heard of Matt Fitzpatrick after he joined the illustrious group of players who can say they have won The US Open. During his victory he attributed the success he has seen in speed gains to TheStack System. Stemming from the mind of Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, The Stack “biohacks” a golfer’s body and unlocks speed gains normally restricted to Tour Pros. 5 CNC milled Stack weights combined with a custom engineered shaft & hardware, create 30 unique weight combinations for unlocking dynamic variable inertia speed training.

When you pair TheStack System App with the PRGR you can remove all of the guess work from speed training. TheStack App provides customised variable inertia speed training and The PRGR uses its doppler radar to measure the speeds of all the practice swings during a speed session. The algorithms that power the dynamic programming come from years of research. Following a baseline measure, TheStack App provides a list of customised programming options. The list is prioritized specifically for you by greatest likelihood of increasing clubhead speed over a 6 to 10 week period (18 to 24 training sessions).

Due to Fitzpatrick’s success with TheStack, they have become rarer than an 18 handicapper winning The US Open! Golf Swing Systems however, are able to accept Pre-Orders in time for Christmas!

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