GravityFit TPro Green 2.0 (Heavy resistance)


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GravityFit TPro Green – heavy resistance for building strength, stability, posture and movement.

Drive improvements, anywhere, anytime

Home, range, office or park… Use our online drills and exercises to train smarter, feel stronger, perform better. The GravityFit TPro is a lightweight, portable tool that allows you to

  • work on your game,
  • improve your posture and
  • strengthen your deep muscles, including your core, where ever you are.




Supplied in its own handy case, the TPro’s simple exercises and drills are easy to fit in to your regular daily routines.

Focus on training the right way to strengthen the right muscles

Build power, stability, rotation and control by targeting and activating your core and deep muscle system.

With 10 years of product development, over 30 years research and nearly 50,000 products sold, the GravityFit TPro is a true multi-use tool.

Feel and train the correct movements, like never before

From connection and dynamic rotation in a golf swing, to awareness of correct spinal and scapular posture, the GravityFit TPro allows you to both feel AND improve movements and skills.

The sensory feedback you experience from the resistance bands and the unique, patented TPro Backbow device helps deliver all the feels.

Practice like a professional

Widely adopted by PGA Coaches, Tour players, Elite athletes and Rehab professionals, including Cam Smith, Eric Van Rooyen, Jonas Blixt, Lydia Ko, Tommy Fleetwood, Harris English, Belen Mozo and Alena Sharp amongst others.

Feel the difference quality makes

We use authentic Theraband resistance tubing in all of our products. The leader in high quality resistance tubing, Theraband remains the trusted choice for industry professionals.



The GravityFit Story

The GravityFit Story

GravityFit was developed by world renowned Professor of Physiotherapy, Carolyn Richardson (PhD) – the former leader of the acclaimed research team that introduced the concept of “Core Stability”.

When your deep muscle system is strong, especially your core, your body has more power, agility, balance, and better all round stability and posture.

But modern life and many types of exercise can weaken these deep muscles.

Based on over 30 years of research, GravityFit have developed simple, clever, science based exercise and rehabilitation tools that strengthen the deep muscles you need to live, heal and perform at your peak.

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