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The synergy between the arms and the body is crucial in crafting a connective and fluid golf swing. Enter the ProSENDR Connection Sphere—a purpose-built tool designed to simulate and enhance this vital connection. By incorporating the ProSENDR Connection Sphere into your routine, you gradually develop muscle memory and establish a more fluid motion as you pass through the ball.

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Developed by David Woods and Sean Foley and endorsed by top professionals globally, this product has become an integral part of their daily training regimen. It is designed to velcro to the inside of your trail forearm, and the sphere has a curvature to match the lead forearm for better connection. It is designed to fit perfectly between your arms to keep you more connected through your swing. Embrace it as a valuable component of your routine and elevate your golf game to new heights.

  • Can be used individually or in conjunction with the original ProSENDR
  • Enhance connection between arms and body
  • Develop a consistent striking technique
  • Establish muscle memory for consistency
  • Assists in passing through the slot effectively
  • Guides you to the optimal swing path
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