Sure-Set Sure-Speed Golf Practice Aid


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Swing the flag to discover the right feel of how to get your club speed to peak at the right time.  You’ll transfer optimum energy into the ball for ultimate power.



Key points Sure-Speed will improve

Most golfers are capable of creating club head speed but it’s timing that speed to maximise power that counts.  We tend to destroy our chances of a big hit a long time before impact.

The genius of the Sure-Speed is the auditory feedback, the louder the whipping noise you make as you swing the Sure-Speed flag the more speed you’ll generate.

Most critically it’s the timing of the noise that’s the secret.  Delay the swoosh until right on impact and you’ll boost club head speed and ball speed, guaranteeing power.

Meet the Sure-Set inventor, Dan Frost

Dan Frost is one of the world’s leading golf coaches. He has designed a unique coaching philosophy that has evolved from a lifetime of researching elite-level performance.

As an expert in many fields from kinematics to kinetics, ball flight data and human behaviour, Dan is in a unique position to help players succeed.

Encouraging players to achieve ‘gold standard’ in every area of the game, by constantly working in what he calls ‘the four pillars of performance’ – how we think, feel, act and move.


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