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The ‘New’ T-Stroke® Putt-IN has been designed in order to ensure that the speed as well as accuracy of the ball rolling towards the hole is tested.

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The 108mm (4.25”) Putt-IN has two approach options with either a 50mm or 64mm width of slot in order for a player to test their speed and accuracy putts and can be used both indoors and outdoors to suit a players needs.

The 50mm (2”) slot illustrates the width of the hole when putts roll 600mm (2ft) past the hole and the 64mm (2.6”), whilst the slot represents the width of the hole when a ball rolls 300mm (12”) past the hole.

Using the two wooden tees supplied the player can tilt the Putt-IN and establish the ideal angle to trap the ball when putted at the correct speed over the aperture.

Putt-IN can also be placed over a hole on the practice green and used to establish the optimum speed there also. Advanced learning can also see a player align the hole apertures towards the entry point of the hole and thus understand how speed and line are critical to holing sloping putts.

Golf innovation that delivers results

Golf training aids play an integral part to Andy’s coaching.

The T-Stroke range of products within the store have been carefully designed by Andy Gorman. They are used by tour professionals and recreational golfers worldwide to deliver results that transfer from practice green to the course.


“I’ve always enjoyed coaching the golf swing, but my fascination for putting and the short-game, has led me to be totally focused on the coaching of this vital area of the game!  After all, 65-70% of the shots in the game are inside 100 yards and vital for lowering scores and handicaps”.

Andy Gorman

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