Impact Snap Release Trainer


4-Time Golf Digest Award Winner – Best Full-Swing Training Aid

The IMPACT SNAP trains your hands & wrists how to move properly in the golf swing. Practicing with this training aid will teach you a correct, repeatable release, designed after Tiger Woods’ 1999 vintage ‘stinger’. Learn a motor skill pattern and compress the golf ball like a tour player.

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Perfect Impact.  Every Time

Every golf lesson that 4-time teacher of the year, Marty Nowicki and owner of Impact Snap, gives to his students starts with impact. If you cannot stabilise the club when you hit the ball, you’re never going to have consistency in your golf game. Fix your impact, fix your golf swing and add more distance, more speed & more consistency with the IMPACT SNAP. Used by 22 of the top 100 instructors in the world!

Train a Correct, Repeatable Release

“I saw the before & afters and couldn’t believe how good people looked after doing this. One of my favorite training aids!”

Hank Haney, PGA

Practice with the Impact Snap - Before & after

Practice with the Impact Snap - Before & after

Whether you want to practice in the comfort of your own home, at work, or on the road; the IMPACT SNAP allows you to train low-impact, minimising the risk of golf & tennis elbow.

The IMPACT SNAP makes it simple to feel the proper impact positioning in your wrists & forearms, necessary for maximum distance, control & consistency.

About Marty Nowicki

About Marty Nowicki

Marty Nowicki, 4-Time PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Owner of the IMPACT SNAP.

Aimpoint Certified 2011, Full time instructor Turning Stone Resort, Verona, NY. 4 time Central NY PGA Teacher of the Year 1998, 2008, 2014, 2015.

Top 100 Mentors include, Jim McLean, James Seikmann, Kelvin Miyahira, George Gankas, Craig Farnsworth, Mike Bennett, Andy Plummer and Jim Hardy, as well as Mark Sweeney Founder of Aimpoint Green Reading. Coaches players of all levels. Notable students include: 3 time NYSHS Girls Champion, 3 Top 10 NYSHS Boys finishers, 4 Top 100 Juniors including #1 ranked age group junior girl, dozens of Junior elite and division 1 college players as well as many club champions and senior champions.

I am the owner of IMPACT SNAP. The 5 Time Golf Digest Award winning “Best Full Swing Training Aid” and the Impact Snap release trainer. This was invented by my friend Kelvin Miyahira, impactsnap is the best way to train lag and a proper release.

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