PuttOUT Putting Plane & Alignment Sticks


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The Putting Plane Alignment Sticks are the very best accompaniment for your indoor and outdoor practice.

Place the sticks in one of the multiple locations on the putting gates to set the plane at the correct angle for your putting and start working on your stroke.

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Putting Plane

With an Plane adjustable to four different positions (90*, 84*, 78*, or 70*), you really can create the perfect path and arc for your game. As th angle changes, the arc does too.

Overhead Alignment

Set either one or two Alignment Sticks above the ball and and create an overhead alignment tool to check your body alignment, as well as start line on the ball using the Gate in front.

Shaft Rail

Using an Alignment Stick, set up and easy ‘rail drill’, running the shaft of the putter along the Stick for a perfect, repeatable stroke.


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