T-Stroke Gate-Rail Training Aid


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The T-Stroke® Gate-Rail has been designed in order to test a golfers ability to start the ball on line. 

The 400mm Rail is 15mm wide and will test the players ability to square the putter face at impact within 3/4 of a degree of error.  




Putting makes up for over 65% of the average golfer’s round, so you should be dedicating that much of your practice to this vital area of the gae.

The detachable T-section contains two holes spaced 50mm apart allowing for the popular gate drill test to be conducted using tees outdoors or the supplied magnets for indoors use.

Turn it around and you can check your clubface alignment and roll of the ball in the opposite direction.

This versatile product is used by many of the top players in the world in order to test their ability to consistently start the ball on line whilst checking their Clubface bias at the same time.

Golf innovation that delivers results

Golf training aids play an integral part to Andy’s coaching.

The T-Stroke range of products within the store have been carefully designed by Andy Gorman. They are used by tour professionals and recreational golfers worldwide to deliver results that transfer from practice green to the course.



“I’ve always enjoyed coaching the golf swing, but my fascination for putting and the short-game, has led me to be totally focused on the coaching of this vital area of the game!  After all, 65-70% of the shots in the game are inside 100 yards and vital for lowering scores and handicaps”.

Andy Gorman

About Andy Gorman

About Andy Gorman

Andy Gorman.  The putting & shortgame expert for golfers wanting to play their best……

Andy, is ‘The Putting & ShortGame Specialist’ for competitive golfers, wherever you are located around the world!

Totally dedicated to providing Outcome Driven Coaching to Golfers who are struggling with, or looking to become their best, on and around the greens.

Andy, Pioneered ‘LIVE’ Online Golf Coaching over 6 years ago and as you might expect has seen a significant increase in this offering since the beginning of the 2020 golf season…

As a regular on the European Pro Tours, Andy worked with numerous touring professionals on both the Men’s & Ladies European circuits. His stable of elite players, Club Pro’s & Amateur Internationals continues to grow every season, with several players experiencing maiden victories, course records, lowest putting rounds, just weeks after their initial consultation.
He coached 2014 Ladies European Tour Number 1, Charley Hull from 2012-15, before moving to play on the LPGA Tour.

In recent years, Andy’s reputation has grown, with ‘recreational golfers’ largely due to his coaching methods and ability to average a 3.2 shot improvement with his elite players, and typically over 4 putts per round with many recreational golfers, like you.

Based in the West Midlands, England – Andy coaches primarily within the UK, Europe, Middle East and America and is the ‘EXPERT’ in ‘Remote ONLINE Coaching’

Andy has delivered over 100+ putting seminars to: Amateur Golfer’s, PGA Professionals and Tour Players, proudly coaching at the annual London & Manchester Golf Shows where his insights into putting were always hugely popular and provided the launch platform for his hugely successful T-Stroke Putting Training System in November 2012. T-Stroke is still used and endorsed by many elite players and coaches around the world – and is recognised as one of the best putting training aids by many renowned coaches today.


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